AT&T Headquarters

AT&T  Headquarters.

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About AT&T.

AT&T is a telecommunications conglomerate and a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company’s modern history began in 1983, although its origins can be traced back 100 years prior to that date, when the American Telephone & Telegraph Company was founded towards the end of the 19th century.

As time went by, AT&T became the world’s largest telecommunications company by revenue, and one of the largest providers of mobile and landline telephone services in the US.

The Dallas-based multinational employs nearly 250,000 people and has a varied product offer that includes fixed line and mobile telephone services, mobile, residential and business Internet access, satellite and digital television, and digital home security services.

AT&T Corporate Office Contacts.


AT&T’s corporate office contacts are listed below. Anyone who wishes to get in touch with the company’s head office must go through these channels.

AT&T Headquarters Phone Number.


The Headquarters Switchboard Hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Time Zone) Please note, that while AT&T’s corporate headquarters are in Dallas, the main telephone number uses a San Antonio area code.

AT&T Headquarters Address.

AT&T Headquarters
208 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX, 75202

AT&T Human Resources.

Contact AT&T Career Support Services at 1-800-992-2478 to speak to the HR department. For current and formet AT&T employees only.

AT&T Headquarters
The AT&T Headquarters building in Dallas. The company will renovate its downtown Dallas headquarters and adjacent plazas to create an “urban-tech center” in the next few years, as the company wants to add 1,300 employees.


AT&T Executive Team.

This is the complete of key leaders at AT&T.

  • Randall L. Stephenson, Chairman and CEO
  • Ralph de la Vega, Vice Chairman and CEO for T&T Business Solutions and AT&T International
  • William A. Blase Jr., Vice President (Human Resources)
  • John Donovan, Chief Strategy Officer
  • David S. Huntley, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Lori Lee, Senior Executive Vice President & Global Marketing Officer
  • David R. McAtee II, Senior Executive Vice President & General Counsel
  • Robert W. Quinn Jr., Senior Executive Vice President (External and Legislative Affairs)
  • John Stankey, CEO for AT&T Entertainment Group and AT&T Services
  • John J. Stephens, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

AT&T Board of Directors:

  • Randall L. Stephenson
  • Michael B. McAllister
  • Joyce M. Roche
  • Beth E. Mooney
  • Samuel A. Di Piazza, Jr.
  • Matthew K. Rose
  • Richard W. Fisher
  • Cynthia B. Taylor
  • Scott T. Ford
  • Laura d’Andrea Tyson
  • Glenn H. Hutchins
  • Geoffrey Y. Yang
  • William E. Kennard

AT&T Careers and Jobs.

You can browse opportunities and follow up on the progress of submitted job applications here and here.

Information about internships, full-time development programs, and other opportunities for college graduates is available here.

Recent job postings can also be viewed on LinkedIn.

How to Complain to AT&T.

Residential Customers can call the toll-free Customer Service number on +1-800-331-0500. Lines are open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST).

It is also possible to send a written complaint by email to or send your complaints via Twitter to the handle @ATTCares.

Complaints related to Internet, phone services, and TV services (U-verse and DirectTV) are handled by the representatives available on +1-800-288-2020. Lines are open from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m., and on Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Complaints or questions related to mobile phone services should be directed at +1-800-331-0500. This phone number is manned daily between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

For issues related to business accounts, call +1-888-944-0447, where agents are available Monday to Frinday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

AT&T Live Chat.

One of the fastest ways to get through to customer service is to use the Live Chat service. Visit the Contact Us section on their website and choose the service that want to enquire about. On the next page, a blue ‘Chat Available’  box will slowly appear on the bottom right and on the left hand side of the screen (on desktops), if the chat service is available for your product. Click on it, choose a service and enter your details and issue to start the chat.

Other AT&T Resources.

This section lists a series of AT&T resources and contact details that may be relevant to media professionals, investors, and members of the general public.

Please share your experiences with, or complaints about, AT&T in the comment section.

AT&T Headquarters
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4 Comments on AT&T Headquarters

  1. we live in a guest house on my daughters property. When she was with DSL we had a separate line and had no problems with internet but as soon as she changed to UVerse the problems started. We could not get a separate line and our internet is slow and sometimes just doesn’t work at all. I have been told that they can’t install a separate line as we are on the same property. Why did we have it on DSL and not with UVERSE?

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  2. Dear Mr Stephenson,

    I recently cancelled my Directv because your company and most of its employees (mostly the sales team) have done nothing but lie to me from the beginning.

    Let me start off from day one! I was on the phone with your sales consultant for at least an hour and half and I was promised a wireless genie for FREE for switching over and all the channels I requested at the price they had given me, as well as the promise to switch back to AT&T UVERSE for FREE if I did not like the directv…. WELL!! The tech guys arrived (who were great), and I had asked if they had the wireless genie, which they replied “No, it wasn’t in the agreement”!!!! So I then contacted directv, they proceeded to tell me there was nothing they could do about the genie and that if I wanted it I would have to pay the $100. So I stupidly paid!!!! So once they installed I realized I did not get all the channels that I had been promised. So, again, I called Directv and AGAIN they told me if i wanted those channels I would have to select a different package, which was obviously more expensive! SO I STUPIDLY AGREED!!!! Then it came time to pay the bill, not only did you combined 2 months, I paid for the genie AGAIN! And AGAIN, there was nothing they could do about it except for a measly 25$ credit for the trouble I had gone through. I continued to have issues with directv, and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell if you bring up the call log on my account. So I wanted to switch back to AT&T UVERSE. HAHAHAHA well that was another lie that the sales consultant had told me. I called directv once again and they told me I would have to pay a penalty for terminating my contract early. Such a lie! so not wanting to pay the fee, I kept the directv. And my bill went up more and more, even within the 12months, which again there was NOTHING they could do about it.

    Fast forward a couple months, I had to move. I told your moving department I DO NOT WANT TO, BY ANY MEANS, EXTEND MY CONTRACT I JUST WANT TO MOVE IT! The technician came to install and everything was fine. Until I realized my contract had been extended. Obviously, I was extremely unhappy. I decided to cancel it. I could not reach Directv, because I kept getting transferred to AT&T and even though you have merged, neither company knows what the hell is going on with the other company. So eventually I got to speak to one of your supervisors, Arthur, who was extremely helpful and wonderful. HE said my bill was up to date and to end the contract I would need to pay $200, which I paid with him on the phone and he said that was the only amount I would pay ever again. Well, today i got a Directv bill for $163 and some change but my service has been disconnected. So I called Directv, well they cannot tell me whats going on because they can’t access my account because its been disconnected.

    So, Mr Stephenson, please explain to me how on earth you run this company and why I have another BILL?!!!! I do not want to give directv another penny. Also, just so you know Ive had people see my directv dish on the house and knock on my door and asked if i would recommend DIRECTV, to which I reply ” ABSOLUTELY NOT!!” I also make sure all my friends, family, and anyone I meet know about my experience with directv. Come to find out, I’m not the only one that this has happened to and I’m not the only one that feels taken advantage of.

    Kindly explain.

    Samantha McClary

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    • AT&T is bad. We changed to DirectTV and all our favorite channels that we enjoyed on Dish have gone. We regret the change.
      Internet connection is poor. Their tech guys don’t know what they’re doing.

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  3. Hi Randall Stephenson and AT&T team,

    I hope you can help I am a loyal customer of yours ACCT 147703631, been paying my bill regularly each month of 31.00 each month for uverse internet service and I love it. However things have changed the last couple months my bill have been going up. Now I don’t mind paying my bill but I do mind if it goes up without my acknowledgement. I’ve been in contacts with several reps about 4 from your toll free number 800-288-2020 including the manager from your accounts receivable Micah and also Angelica, Ive asked if they can help me with my billing problems . Now this problem has been on going since November and there hasn’t been any help. All I want is to have the same bill I was originally promised which was 31.00 monthly. This is taking a very long time to get this resolved and I paid my dues as I originally agreed with please help.

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