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AT&T  Headquarters.

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208 S Akard St, Dallas, TX 75202
(210) 821-4105

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  1. I’m so tired of the games that AT&T plays with their loyal customers. I guess that I was just naive to think that they really care about loyalty and trying to help their customers. I’ve spent countless hours talking to God knows how many people and it’s ridiculous because there’s always something that can and should be done to help but they’ve done a great job of making it practically impossible to get any real help with your services and that’s obviously for a reason. When they started offering Direct TV I bundled my three cellphones, internet and tv. One of my cellphones is suspended and another is barely even used but for some reason my wireless part of my bill is $300. I am so frustrated with AT&T and it’s hard to comprehend that such a large wealthy company doesn’t have good customer service that doesn’t make you wait for hours and then you’re lucky if you can understand them. I don’t know what to do anymore because I really don’t want to have to change my service. I don’t think that I’m asking for too much because I want to talk to someone who can actually help me. Your company should be ashamed of yourselves. You purposely make it so hard for customers to get any real help and you also have all of those extra charges for who knows what. I bundled my services because I wanted to make things easier and I’ve had nothing but trouble ever since and it’s only with the wireless service. What do customers have to do to actually get the help they need. I’m reading all of these complaints and it’s so obvious that what you’re doing isn’t working so why don’t you make some changes. The company makes so much money but it feels like greed is the only thing that matters to you.

  2. Our services have been out for close to 3 weeks now. 20 service calls later and the problem has still not been resolved. Either the technicians sent to repair are incompetent or they are extremely rude. Hopes of getting a decent appointment are shot out the window once you realize all the wait times are a week from the day you call. And that’s for a simple repair.
    When calling to ask if something can be done from their offices there is conflicting information. “Press the red reset button for 15 seconds.”,or “No ma’am don’t press the red button, that’s only for technicians.” My favorite being, “Just unplug and replug your modem back in.” As someone who goes to school online, my classes are being jeopardized. I’m paying for classes that I cannot attend. I hope that services get better. No phone, television or internet for 3 weeks.

    1. Kenia, I had the same problem. Its been a month and four appointments have been canceled as the technician did not show up.

  3. Horrible CS!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt. Nerds proved one more time: they can NOT provide any decent CS. They simply do not know what it is. Look at these people! They need help. They need isolation from the rest of us- normal people who can communicate and make at least a human eye contact in contrast to these 4 eyed beings staring at their cell phone instead of another human. Their cell phones are so soiled from sweaty fingers that they scream for help! Just like us when we get in contact with AT&T nerds. We had the worst experience in Canby, Oregon with few of them sitting in their AT&T store like spiders knitting webs for suckers like us hoping that humanity is still decent and you can trust words. You can’t! Not with someone with deviated front lobe that is responsible for honesty and decency. We trusted AT&T and signed “promotion” that was not even heard of, turned to be, when we talked two months later with 1800 number, today. From $71 before taxes and my discount, bills started piling for 270$+ And no one is responsible for their lies. We were told if we go over 2 GB there is no charge. Lies! There are charges. How can you trust anyone after this? And the same person hiding his conscientiousness behind glasses lied today again that he never told that to us. Just miserable people. Every time you called CS line, they tell you something else. It’s like no one knows what is going on except billing department that knows one thing- time to collect money. They seem like not caring how and for what. Money is the idol. That’s all they know. What about customer? Any one care about us?

  4. In concern about your company taking 45.00 from me and In been with att for 30 years and not they tell me I cat get my money back because one of your Sim cards didn’t work so please tell why

  5. The Uverse installer that put in my home phone ported my cell phone number with Tracphone to my home phone. I have spent several hours on the phone with both providers to straighten this out and still have no cell phone after a month. Not sure which provider is giving me the runaround, but have been told by ATT reps a couple times the problem should be fixed. I am looking at having to take ATT to court, since they don’t seem to have a mitigation department. I am frustrated with my situation and don’t know who else to turn to except a good attorney.

  6. Reluctantly I’m also writing a complaint, however I strongly encourage the other posters here and new ones that come along to file complaints with our Consumer Protection Agency in DC c/o Richard Cordray. As many of us have entered into agreements with AT&T or their affiliated companies, none of the pricing agreements that they claim we’re locked into doesn’t matter should they decide to arbitrarily raise the prices (READ THE FINE PRINT)! On February 6, 2017 I called to enquire about a lower rate for my bundle plan (Uverse, landline & internet) as I knew my current plan was set to expire. My call was routed to the Philippines and I spoke to a gentleman by the name of “Mark”, this customer service rep informed me that he couldn’t look at any new plans for me as my current plan did not expire until March 29, 2017, which I accepted and indicated that I would try again in mid March. You can imagine my outrage when I received my new bill last night @7:27pm on February 17, 2017 which included a rate increase for the Uverse tv and phone line!

    This morning February 18, 2017 I once again was routed to the Philippines and spoke with “TJ” explaining my frustration. This rep informed me that while I was locked into the plan until March 29, 2017, AT&T reserved the right to increase the amount of services at their discretion? TJ then transferred me over to “Jason” to discuss the matter further. I was told that yes, I’m stuck with AT&T and their price increases until March 29, 2017 due to the board’s recommendation for said increase. Which means their so-called one sided “contract” is fraudulent and one-sided! What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander, however with this company it’s not!

    It’s clear that AT&T has begun to create a monopoly in plain view with ZERO oversight! Even though I told Jason that I would begin to shop around for better pricing, he smugly informed me that they owned “Directtv” and was negotiating with “Spectrum” formerly Time Warner Cable. Should AT&T continue buying up their competitors we’ll be faced with outrageous pricing and no recourse. I strongly urge you one and all to take a stand against these deceptive business practices that AT&T uses.

    Also while I’m on my soapbox, let me say that “Mark” and “TJ” could barely speak English as they were telling me why AT&T was so great! Great job AT&T give the jobs to those outside of the US to spew the garbage you’re made of! Needless to say March 29th can’t come soon enough!

  7. My fiancee and I decided to put me on her current AT&T account. So basically we we’re just adding an extra line. The female employee at the Ottawa IL location screwed up an added another account to my fiancee’s name. Cut to 2 months later and unbeknownst to us we’re in collections because we supposedly didn’t pay the bill ( one we didn’t know about ). So we talked to a manger at two different stores ( Ottawa and Morris IL) who were supposed to take care of THEIR mistake and did not. So now here we are and I’ve talked to 10 different people, all promising to fix this and not doing so. Hours on the phone, time traveling to the store to resolve only to be treated horribly, as if we were lying. Being hung up on and LIED to several times by “Customer Service” representatives at your company. Then tossed around from department to department. I switched from a very reliable and very customer friendly Verizon for this garbage treatment? Supposedly it will be remedied in 3 days ( a common At&t CS lie used to get you off the phone, so we shall see.) I will be finding out how to get in touch with corporate as we deserve to be compensated for the time and pain we’ve been put through. i will be dropping AT&T and Direct TV as soon as possible due to this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service.

  8. I visited your retail store in Spring Hill yesterday (Feb 8, @ 2:00pm) to resolve an issue with my last few AT&T bills. Succinctly, my monthly bills went from $180/mo. in June 2016 (when I consolidated my DirectTV account with new internet and phone accounts) to my last bills recently received, which are now $245.

    There was one customer being helped when I entered the store and a single person representing your company helping her. I was patient for about 25 minutes as I saw the transaction was involved, but eventually I got to the counter to present my problem and asked for an explanation, and hopefully to find a solution. By the time she located my account and started researching the price discrepancy a few more people entered the store. She was having difficulty in finding my account and in researching the account activity in order to offer an explanation. Honestly, a good 10 minutes had passed and she was getting visibly frustrated, compacted by more people arriving and some walking out.

    When I asked her if she was the only one working, she looked at me with a glare and growled that she had somebody coming in. By this time she was visibly out of sorts and asked me to instead call an 800 customer service number. I stated that I had waited for my turn and was not interested in walking out and rehashing my situation via phone with another person. She stared at me angrily and stated that “she had a store full of people waiting for her”. When I asked her for the name of the store manager she gritted her teeth and said that SHE was the manager. She threatened me with expulsion from the store if I continued to make comments about her reluctance to help me.

  9. Dear Mr Stephenson,
    I am a wife of one of your ex employees. I am not writing to be disrespectful or crude, however, I am writing to ask why.
    My husband drove 106 miles from McGehee Ar to Little Rock Ar for six years. He drove through bad weather conditions, people who didn’t pay attention to where they were going, and late nights coming home. I realize that this was his choice. He could have moved closer, but we didn’t because I inherited the family home. He stuck it out for 6yrs in Little Rock than that miracle happen. He got a transfer closer to home. Where he worked for 2 more years as an I&R tech. Here recently my husband has lost his job. He admitted to the managers in the meeting his faults in the situation, but apparently honesty is obviously something your managers in Lake Village Arkansas does not appreciate. Now my husband has also admitted to needing to work on his numbers and his attitude towards one of the managers, however, how when every step made is unnoticed or overlooked by a step not made fast enough. Now for the past two years I have watched my husband hide his worries, stress, and all out fear that the managers in his locations wanted him gone. The first manager he had in the Lake Village location was of questionable values. Obviously, you guys fired him for well for reasons better left unsaid. The new manager at the Lake Village location is a good manager from what my husband states, but he can not shake the feeling he should be in constant fear of loosing his job. The new manager for a month seemed like he was helping my husband, but every thing he informed him about he used against him in a meeting. I am just curious if he looked at the complete lack of training my husband had because of the prior manager. Now, my husband by all means is not omitting his faults, but he is not a paranoid man. So why.
    Why would you get rid of man who admits his faults, drove 106 miles one way, was trying to work on his attitude and his numbers, and worked when told to. The sad part is in Little Rock your company kept a man who a customer claimed took care of his needs in his truck. Now my husband did not under play his role in being terminated to me, he told me point blank he messed up too. But why. Not only did he get fired. He lost his severance package. Mr Stephenson he did work hard. He did not sit on jobs. He did forget his cones sometimes, he did forget to lock his truck, but my husband did not sit on jobs. He could not stand the gentlemen that did, because that made more work for the co workers. He is a team player if he feels like there is a team. I am just curious how well you would work in conditions that he went through. His job is still in grievances with the union, which I fear means no help. My apologies for putting this on a public forum, but I could not find a direct line to you or your other members of the bored.
    Concerned Wife

  10. Hi, my name is Mary Anderson, I have been a loyal customer of Cingular then AT&T for 20 years. My son went in to the local AT&T to see if he was eligible for an upgrade (I have 7 lines, currently only 2 were actually being used), He stopped in after work this past Thursday evening (he had an acquaintance from work with him that he was giving a ride home). My son took care of his business with an AT&T employee and finally left to precede home. Later that night someone comes pounding on my door, yelling, wielding threats. So we waited until the pounding stopped and my son walked up to the vehicles from my condo to see that everything was ok, He was approached by Sandy Springs Police Officer with guns drawn pointed at my son, yelling for him to get down on the ground, they aggressively handcuffed him before they would tell him what was going on. That is the first we heard that AT&T was claiming the guy with my son was caught on tape stealing a phone. After much humiliation and questioning, they finally let my son go. AT&T manager verified my son was with an AT&T employee the whole time he was in the store. The employee’s got my tag (my son had taken my vehicle to work that day) and reported it to the local police. My tag, my condo, I am a 64 year old female that works full time, owns my home, owns my vehicle and been at my job over 20 years. I am more than angry that my son had to be humiliated in front of the whole condo complex at gun point and hand cuffed, when he is only guilty of being a decent guy and giving someone a ride home. He now has neighbors run to their homes when they see him, whispering behind his back, staring at him. I tried to visit the manager, but was told they were not in the store when I went to confront them. Now let me say this – the phone WAS FOUND in the store that night or the next day, so there was NO THEFT!!! When the guy that was accused of stealing the phone called the store, they admitted they found the phone and apologized to him, not my son who was ordered to the ground at gun point and handcuffed in front of neighbors – for what?? For Nothing – no phone was stolen. This was a blatant case of social / racial profiling by AT&T towards my son and the guy with him. I am calling Clark Howard tomorrow and see what can be done, I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau tomorrow also. I also will be in touch with the detective that has the case. I want formal apologies, I want restitution, I wan someone to pay for what they have done, the humiliation and embarrassment my son has had to endure, as well as me. We can not face our neighbors without hearing whispering and see them stare at us and eventually run to their condos. I will also be shopping for an attorney to file suit against AT&T for their part in this fiasco. I want out of my contract with out any penalties, I want to walk away free and clear, so I can go to another carrier. I am pi$$ed!

  11. Enough is enough. How much more do you have to steal from people, this doesn’t make things right when you sign a contract for something and then DirecTV breaks their contract, this is not right. We all need your rise up together and put an end to this. This is got to stop and I’m not going to stop until I get to the top in a rectify their mistakes, I’m going to put it into this place I’ll go through local government agencies. I don’t broadcast news channels glasses all over every social media. I will gather as many people join in my fight. We will take them down, I say we all get together, who’s out there, who’s been done wrong by DirecTV, just put it together!

    1. Shawn, absolutely, I am having problems as well… looking for legal representation now, seems I get the run around a lot.

  12. I also believe that they are using deceptive practices to get people to sign up for Direct TV. I am filing a complaint with the They have so many unhappy customers that this needs to be looked into. Their facebook pages are filled with many dissatisfied customers.

    1. June, I am one of those unhappy customers. They sent me two damaged Samsung TVs and have since ignored my attempts to communicate with them. I am contacting Tampa, Orlando and Lakeland TV stations.

  13. Horrible horrible customer service! The absolute worst.
    I have wasted HOURS of my life. All I wanted was to put the existing uverse account in my name. I was told I needed new equipment, which seemed like a waste to me, but ok. I got the equipment last week, but still no internet service.
    Uverse had put the equipment in the name of my husband, who no longer lived at the address. Why would we order new equipment in his name if we already had equipment in his name? So the equipment was useless until uverse was able to contact him, get his password, and help me with connecting my internet. I missed four hours of work. Then ATT changed my husbands billing to my name without talking to either of us.
    Twenty-two hours later, my internet is off. I call again, am and told we cancelled service a week ago. REALLY? I finally get a supervisor on the phone and was told I had to send ID to a fax #. I said I dont have a fax and she said any ATT store will fax for you. SO I drive to ATT store only to be told they dont have a fax machine. I go to Fedex and try to fax my now required ID but the number is not good. I call uverse again, and eventually get disconnected. At this point I am ready to start screaming. I get an email that a technician is coming to my home on wed, 18th. I call Uverse to confirm and no, there is no record of that email. I say can I send to you? No, we dont have that capability. I said so I’ve been without internet for four days, with no end in sight. I have had my cell phone service with ATT since 1999 and this is how they treat a loyal customer. NIGHTMARE is the only way to describe it. I am ready to ditch ATT for once and for all. I DO NOT have this kind of time to spend CHANGING THE BILLING NAME.

  14. we live in a guest house on my daughters property. When she was with DSL we had a separate line and had no problems with internet but as soon as she changed to UVerse the problems started. We could not get a separate line and our internet is slow and sometimes just doesn’t work at all. I have been told that they can’t install a separate line as we are on the same property. Why did we have it on DSL and not with UVERSE?

  15. Dear Mr Stephenson,

    I recently cancelled my Directv because your company and most of its employees (mostly the sales team) have done nothing but lie to me from the beginning.

    Let me start off from day one! I was on the phone with your sales consultant for at least an hour and half and I was promised a wireless genie for FREE for switching over and all the channels I requested at the price they had given me, as well as the promise to switch back to AT&T UVERSE for FREE if I did not like the directv…. WELL!! The tech guys arrived (who were great), and I had asked if they had the wireless genie, which they replied “No, it wasn’t in the agreement”!!!! So I then contacted directv, they proceeded to tell me there was nothing they could do about the genie and that if I wanted it I would have to pay the $100. So I stupidly paid!!!! So once they installed I realized I did not get all the channels that I had been promised. So, again, I called Directv and AGAIN they told me if i wanted those channels I would have to select a different package, which was obviously more expensive! SO I STUPIDLY AGREED!!!! Then it came time to pay the bill, not only did you combined 2 months, I paid for the genie AGAIN! And AGAIN, there was nothing they could do about it except for a measly 25$ credit for the trouble I had gone through. I continued to have issues with directv, and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell if you bring up the call log on my account. So I wanted to switch back to AT&T UVERSE. HAHAHAHA well that was another lie that the sales consultant had told me. I called directv once again and they told me I would have to pay a penalty for terminating my contract early. Such a lie! so not wanting to pay the fee, I kept the directv. And my bill went up more and more, even within the 12months, which again there was NOTHING they could do about it.

    Fast forward a couple months, I had to move. I told your moving department I DO NOT WANT TO, BY ANY MEANS, EXTEND MY CONTRACT I JUST WANT TO MOVE IT! The technician came to install and everything was fine. Until I realized my contract had been extended. Obviously, I was extremely unhappy. I decided to cancel it. I could not reach Directv, because I kept getting transferred to AT&T and even though you have merged, neither company knows what the hell is going on with the other company. So eventually I got to speak to one of your supervisors, Arthur, who was extremely helpful and wonderful. HE said my bill was up to date and to end the contract I would need to pay $200, which I paid with him on the phone and he said that was the only amount I would pay ever again. Well, today i got a Directv bill for $163 and some change but my service has been disconnected. So I called Directv, well they cannot tell me whats going on because they can’t access my account because its been disconnected.

    So, Mr Stephenson, please explain to me how on earth you run this company and why I have another BILL?!!!! I do not want to give directv another penny. Also, just so you know Ive had people see my directv dish on the house and knock on my door and asked if i would recommend DIRECTV, to which I reply ” ABSOLUTELY NOT!!” I also make sure all my friends, family, and anyone I meet know about my experience with directv. Come to find out, I’m not the only one that this has happened to and I’m not the only one that feels taken advantage of.

    Kindly explain.

    Samantha McClary

    1. AT&T is bad. We changed to DirectTV and all our favorite channels that we enjoyed on Dish have gone. We regret the change.
      Internet connection is poor. Their tech guys don’t know what they’re doing.

  16. Hi Randall Stephenson and AT&T team,

    I hope you can help I am a loyal customer of yours ACCT 147703631, been paying my bill regularly each month of 31.00 each month for uverse internet service and I love it. However things have changed the last couple months my bill have been going up. Now I don’t mind paying my bill but I do mind if it goes up without my acknowledgement. I’ve been in contacts with several reps about 4 from your toll free number 800-288-2020 including the manager from your accounts receivable Micah and also Angelica, Ive asked if they can help me with my billing problems . Now this problem has been on going since November and there hasn’t been any help. All I want is to have the same bill I was originally promised which was 31.00 monthly. This is taking a very long time to get this resolved and I paid my dues as I originally agreed with please help.

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