American Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

American Airlines Customer Service Phone Numbers.

List of all American Airlines customer service phone numbers, reservation phone numbers and complaint options.

See how you can file a complaint against American Airlines and contact the AA customer service.

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The complete complaints page can now be found at: American Customer Service Phone Number.


AA Corporate:

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  1. I was to receive a refund in January 2019, it was sent to a cc accusing ending 6377, the trouble with that, I don’t have a cc ending with 6377,
    I purchased this ticket in dec. 2018, from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and a return the next day, due to plane trouble, is the reason for the refund, I used an American Advantage card, on an American airlines fl. I followed thr refund rules, but NEVER, received my money, and for the past 10 months, I have been trying, with no success. My heart doesn’t want to believe your ripping me off, but my head says you are
    All I want is what is owed to me, you have it and will not give it up, so do what is right, you would want the same
    Dolly Chappel
    2xx Millers Run Road
    Bridgeville, PA 15017
    PLEASE return my money

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