Apple Headquarters

Apple Headquarters.

Apple Computers corporate office is located in:

Cupertino, California.

For more information about corporate phone numbers, addresses and contacts,please visit Apple Headquarters.

Apple Headquarters Location.

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  1. I sent the following letter to AppleCare Ireland a month ago and had no reply. They ignore customers! This is Apple today! Has anybody any ideas how to proceed?

    I own a MacBook Pro with the s/n: SC02FG2JVDF91.
    Last year around September it had a major problem which was diagnosed by Apple as a faulty graphics card. The laptop was taken to Apple Athens and it was fixed on the 19/October 2016 under the “MacBook Pro repair extension program for video issues”
    Beginning January this year it broke down again with the same symptoms as before and I reported it to Apple under the ID 100112415110 and I was told that the machine was still under a thee months repair warranty and it would be fixed free of charge.
    The MacBook was taken to the Athens Apple repair center Infoquest on the 16/01/2017. Few days later I was informed that the part they had received and installed was faulty and that they cannot get another part to fix my MacBook and “that’s it”.
    I tried again repeatedly with the Apple care service and they said that they cannot help me and that I should write to you.
    I feel and demand that you should give me a solution to this problem. The machine was in both cases under warranty.
    How is it possible that the supplied parts were both times faulty and now Apple has run out of parts?
    I hope for a positive feedback and a solution.

    Thanking you
    Dr. I. Simos

  2. First of all apple care is a joke. I sent my iphone 7 in to be repaired. The screen was completely black and would not turn on. I recieved an email with the repair status, which i had to check for the status of my repair. On that i seen the repair was placed on hold till i took further action. I called apple care and they had no clue what was going on. Once they got my repair off hold and i recieved my phone back , the phone would not stay activated, i look on the email that had my tracking number on it and they had sent me the wrong phone. The serial number and meid number on the email and on the phone was two different ones. I mean how hard is it to get the correct phone in a box and send it to the correct address. So once again i have tk call apple care, sit on hold for 30 + mins for them to transfer me to someone else in hopes they can fix it. Once they think they knew what happened apple care tells me it will take 24 hrs for the serial number and meid number to change in their system for me to be able to use my phone. If apple care would of done the job right the first time i would not be going without a phone now. But i guess thats too much to ask. So needless to say i will NEVER buy another apple product again. This experience has done it for me. Apple care does not care about you or your product..

  3. I am sorry to say I am leaving apple. I have been with iPhone for many many years. Since the 1st one came out to be exact.
    The iPhone 7 DOES NOT give me that WOW factor for a $800- $900 phone. I currently have the 6plus and there is not much difference between the two besides speed and camera. Other than that it is pretty much the same phone. I paid $600 for my 6plus a couple years ago and I swore I would not pay that much for a phone again.
    Samsung seems to have several that are not in the $800 range but still good phones. I have seen several model iPhone’s debut over the years and it was interesting to see what was next. Here lately its been pretty predictable.
    If you are asking someone to give you $800 plus of their hard earned money it very well better be WOW
    And in my eyes the 7 DOES NOT do that for me.
    There was not a customer service email address I could send this too so I hope it gets into the rite hands to make necessary changes in the future.
    Sorry to leave but I think my time is up for something NEW.

  4. Dear Apple, I am a disabled Registered Nurse after working 40yrs. I live in a shelter as I am unemployed. I need a laptop really bad. Do you have one you can send me? Much gratitude +thanks.

  5. Hi my name is Albert Grimm I am retired and on disability I have a Apple TV the first one and an iPad. My Apple TV seems to be not able to keep up with the new software, this is what I use for all my tv entertainment. I have over 150 movies. It keeps resetting and cuts out the sound. I was wondering if there are any discounts or vouchers you might be able to help me out with to purchase a more updated model. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Albert W Grimm

    1. Unfortunately my good sir Apple is not what they used to be. They have joined the rest of the uncaring corporate ranks, and now mimic the services of Microsoft. Once the greatest company in the US with most reliable products is no more. They lost their human decency for customer care and make crap guaranteed to break or not work right. And they care nothing about it. I’m sure you can find better help on some hacker sites.

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