Sears Headquarters

 Sears Corporate Office and Headquarters.

This page lists a wealth of corporate information related to department store chain Sears Roebuck & Co.

Here you will find contact details for the company’s headquarters address and phone numbers, the executive team, ways to contact Customer Services or file a complaint, career information, and more.

About Sears.

Sears Roenuck & Co was founded in 1886 in Chicago, and it has since become one of the United States’ leading names of the retail industry. The company started out offering mail order services to customers in rural areas, and took its name from its founder, Richard Warren Sears. Over the following 10 years, the company’s catalog continued to expand, and demand led to the first Sears being open in 1925.

Currently, Sears has nearly 800 stores across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Sears Corporate Office Contacts.

To contact Sears’ headquarters, use the phone or fax numbers listed below, or send a letter to the company’s corporate address.

  • Sears Headquarters Phone Number: +1-847-286-2500
  • Sears Headquarters Fax Number: +1-847-286-4511
  • Phone Line Hours: Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central Time)


Sears Headquarters Address:

Sears Corporate Office

3333 Beverly Rd. Hoffman Estates, 60179, Illinois


Sears Executive Team.

Full list of the key leaders at Sears Roebuck & Co.

  • Edward S. Lampert, CEO and Chairman of the Board
  • Jeffrey A. Balagna, Executive Vice President
  • Kristin M. Coleman, General Counsel, Senior Vice President, and Corporate Secretary
  • Jason M. Hollar, Chief Financial Officer
  • Robert A. Riecker, Controller & Head of Capital Market Activities
  • Leena Munjal, Senior Vice President (Customer Experience & Integrated Retail)
  • Girish Lakshman, President (Fulfillment & Supply Chain and Sourcing)
  • David Pastrana Benito, President (Apparel)
  • Kurt Staelens, President (Home & Footwear)
  • Stephan Zoll, President (Online)
  • James Politeski, President (Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics)
  • Eric D. Jaffe, Senior Vice President for Shop Your Way
  • Joelle Maher, President and Chief Member Officer (Sears)
  • Alasdair James, Chief Member Officer and President for Kmart

Sears Board of Directors:

  • Edward S. Lampert
  • Cesar L. Alvarez
  • Bruce R. Berkowitz
  • Paul G. DePodesta
  • Alesia J. Haas
  • Kunal S. Kamlani
  • William C. Kunkler III
  • Steven T. Mnuchin
  • Ann N. Reese
  • Thomas J. Tisch

Sears Careers and Jobs.

If you are considering a career at Sears, you may find detailed information at the company’s dedicated jobs site. The Careers webpage allows you to browse through all the opportunities available at Sears Holdings, from retail vacancies to positions at the corporate headquarters.

Job listings can be filtered down by category and location, and the site also offers information about the company’s internships, college, and veteran programs.

Alternatively, you can look up recently posted job vacancies at Sears’ LinkedIn page.

How to Complain to Sears.

The Sears Customer Service Team is available by calling 1-800-549-4505.

There is also a dedicated phone line for Spanish-speaking customers on 1-800-377-8634.

A Customer Service Twitter page has been set up to help Sears members get their complaints processed. Tweet your complaints or questions at the Twitter handle: @searscares.

To give feedback, you can visit the Sears Customer Service Page and type in ‘Feedback’ in the box. A new window will open. Click on the ‘Feedback’ link and another window will pop up that logs your contact details and time of complaint.

A Sears Live Chat option is also available. Click on ‘Chat’ in the top right corner of the Sears Homepage and a Chat window will open. Choose existing order or new order support and enter your name and email. The Sears Live Chat works excellently and is probably the fastest and easiest way to deal with an issue or complaint. The Sears Chat Service is open from 6am CST to 11 pm CST seven days a week.

Other Sears Resources.

Below you will find more information on Sears, including ways to find online help, social media links, and more.

Please share your experiences with Sears, or Sears complaints, in the comment section.

Sears Headquarters
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14 Comments on Sears Headquarters

  1. WOW again. My post has been up since Feb 28th and no answer. Steed at one time that is was being moderated but I have heard nothing. I guess this is just a site to vent ans no action taken. Classy act Sears.

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  2. Never again will i trust Sears for anything, especially their automotive department in Beavercreek, Oh. Finally made the decision to spend almost $1000.00 on new tires for both my vehicles only to have all 4 aluminum wheels badly scratched during valve stem replacements. The store managers are unable to do anything except listen to your complaint, then refer you to their “3rd party” damage company Sedgwick from East Dundee, Ill. who will intern run you thru the ringer for weeks at a time making you provide “credible proof” as they like to say, proving the damages were done during the tire replacements. As it happens, i even had a picture of the wheel dated 2 days before the tires were changed showing zero damage and then more pictures dated 2 days later & now with all 4 wheels damaged directly below each valve stem. Even with picture proof they are still denying responsibility and even accused me of damaging them myself somehow, the day in between the 1st and 2nd pictures, seriously !! Biggest crock of crap i’ve ever been shoveled ! I have filed a Better Business complaint, called Eddie Lampert (the CEO of Sears) who’s complaint team takes & screens his calls only to refer me back to Sedgwick ever time & help in no way. Bare in mind no representative from Sears or Sedgwick will bother to personally inspect your damages, only count on you to prove they did it, but are immediately aggressive & claim they didn’t do any damage & i cannot prove they did even with the before & after pictures i have. For a company that’s been in business since the late 1800’s and supposedly pride themselves on customer satisfaction & quality workmanship, they suck at taking responsibility for just about anything from what i’ve read on other complaints. I would welcome any response directly from Sears management but all they’ll do is refer you to some 3rd party, out of state company that basically tell you “sorry about your luck” and we don’t really care, we’re right, your wrong, even though you have picture proof, we’ll just find other suckers like you and take their money instead. Richard Warren Sears, founder of Sears in 1886, must be rolling over in his grave daily & has good reason too ! The people in charge of the company, customer satisfaction & consumer relations couldn’t give 2 cents about what happens to everyday hard working, honest people who trust in them to provide good products and services or damages done to their property while in their care. I highly suggest no one use these services unless “A” you don’t care about costs or damages or “B” you actually have a time stamped, notarized, attorney witnessed, video of them during the entire process, or else they will have multiple excuses why they are not responsible or why you can’t prove they did anything & all the damages are somehow your fault. Very, very, very sad business ethics & i cannot believe the way this many people are being treated & still are in business. Obviously quite a bit of their profits go to 3rd party insurers like Sedgwick, to cover their butt daily against law suits. If i had the money, i would have this in court so fast Mr Lampert’s head would spin but with their lawyers & 3rd party connections, all of us people that support his multi million dollar income loose, and are basically dared to do anything about it. *** Heed my words, find local mom & pop business’s to give your trust and money too instead of places like this, you will get much better quality & return for your money with alot less hassle. *** Also To Sears Corporate *** if you care to take 5 minutes and contact me direct to try to put faith back in your company, you now have my contact information. But like everyone else is saying, i doubt anyone cares enough to follow up on yet another nightmare. I actually wonder how you sleep at night knowing this many people have had this many bad experiences and choose to deny all of them ! Whether you choose to contact me back or not or attempt to have this corrected, the word of social media will eventually take it’s toll on you & i doubt any of us will stop leaving reply’s like this until either it does or you step up to the plate & make your business what it once was and respect your customers instead of creating loop holes to get out of your responsibilities. Man up already !!

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    • Going through the same after sears carpet cleaners soaked my carpets throughout ny home over 800 sq feet, created a mold issue now and carpeting is ruined. Sedgwick ….ughhh too stressful to explain the same as your issues

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    • To Tracey, i’m sorry to hear you have the same nightmare with Sedgwick as i do, but i fear there are a ton more just like us ! This place is one of the biggest rackets i’ve ever had the displeasure of even talking too & guaranteed you will get nowhere fast ! They must be laid-off or fired criminal lawyers who can’t find work anywhere else & are obviously paid off by denying claims ! I have since filed complaints thru Sears Corporate escalated claims department, regional & territorial managers, am in the process of finding out who the owner is of this privately owned repair center who i will also be contacting, and am seriously considering filing a Better Business Report on Sedgwick direct. I highly suggest you do the same & the process can be started by calling escalated claims @ 1-800-479-6351. They will assign you a case # and start a 3 part complaint process beginning with the store manager, then escalating to district & regional managers for response. They are required to respond to you within 24-48 hrs. in each complaint level. As of today 2-9-17, my 1st level complaint has went unanswered for the past 7 days (imagine that) and as of yesterday was forwarded to District management level. I’m not holding my breath, but we’ll see how moving up the ladder goes. I also have a complaint pending with channel 2 news called “Turn to 2” which typically has very good results with getting businesses attention with things of this nature. I’m not going away, nor will i give up on my fight and you shouldn’t either ! If enough of us fight the good fight and don’t let places like Sedgwick win, either things will improve, people like you & I will be reimbursed for damages & the company will prosper, or they will be out of business and the local mom & pop stores will thrive and our lives will return to what they should have been in the first place ! Its very, very sad that we spend hard earned money & put trust in major corporations, only to have experiences like this. I wish you luck with your claim & the key ingredient is NEVER GIVE UP !!

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  3. I purchased a pair of rainboots in January 2017. My mother died 2 weeks later. The boots were too small when I tried them on in February 2017 because of course I was dealing with my mother’s death and the lawyer to her estate. They were too small so I needed to exchange them for a larger size. This is the unbelievable part. I was told Sears will not refund or exchange and item after 30 days and that I was stuck paying the $33 and had to keep the merchandise. I really understand why Sears is going broke. I am 70 years old and have never dealt with the company with such poor customer service. In the past I have made some major purchases with Sears but never again. As I see it from the other comments Sears customers are proclaiming as I am that we will never buy from Sears again. I’m sure soon we will see this Sears won’t be in business anymore but won’t be surprised.

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  4. I note that Sears have stopped selling Trump products. Could you let us know if this is because they are a left leaning corporation as my sense is that with Trump winning the electoral college, this short sighted initiative might be hurting your customer base.

    Interested to know your rationale as with us being a reasonably sized family, seven children, I’m inclined to think that we will be choosing to shop elsewhere ongoing.

    My hope is that for your shareholders stake, the left will up their game and give you greater support. Even so, I’m not sure it’s worked for Target.

    Thought you should know what a lot of average Americans are thinking.

    Thanks. David

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    • David, I’ll tell you why? because they are smart enough to know that they have customers of all races and creeds and Trumps cabinet appears to be racist…. People like me, complained, millions around the globe, of all nationalities and races are against the perceived agenda

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  5. I am currently on hold for the probably 15th hour of my futile attempt to return a defective Kenmore Elite Canister Vacuum. Having spent many years working on Capitol Hill, I have no illusions that this will be read or even responded to. I have even considered shameless name dropping such as: Oh…. Eddie Lampert is a Greenwich neighbor. blah blah However, I know that no power on earth could save me from the stroke I am about to have trying to make- what should be a simple return of your defective merchandise. I just am trying to vent my frustrations and sadness over your total disregard for your consumer.

    My Kenmore Elite arrived unusable. The cleaning lady informed me the exhaust filter cover blows off every time the vacuum was switched on. I have even tried to duck tape it to stay shut which works for a few minutes. I began my torturous journey with your “customer service” on Monday January 30, and still have not received a label to return said item or my refund. We all have much more important agendas than spending hours on the phone repeating the same problem to 15 different people in 15 different call cities in the world only to learn that there is no documentation of your 14 previous phone calls and no solution to what is a tremendous hassle to the consumer (who expects to receive a dysfunctional new vacuum?) (Clearly Sears doesn’t believe in quality control). Alas, this has been my sorry life for the past ten days. A victim of a company that is failing, owned by a billionaire who doesn’t even bother visiting the headquarters.

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  6. Will never buy a thing from Sears again. Been trying to get our less than one year old refrigerator fixed since Jan 1. We have the service agreement package. Was told first available appt Jan 20th. Store managed to get escalated to Jan 6, tech shows up and fridge has a bad compressor and some tech board, but lo and behold doesn’t have on the truck. Has to order and was told when the parts are received I needed to call for appt. Before the evening was even over I got an email saying next appt was Jan 27, almost one month away. Parts were received within 5 days and we waited for the 27th since no calling the Call Center managed to change anything. The Sears Home Services Call Center is a joke. Reading from a script and using a canned software calendar package with no room for change. Waited patiently and the 26th rolls around I get a phone call reminder about appt in morning on 27th. At 3:30 on the 26th I get an email saying to call Sears Home Services to reschedule appt. Call the Call Center and am advised my appt for 27th (which I’ve waited a month for) is cancelled because tech called in sick on Thursday afternoon for Friday schedule. Sounds fishy to me. They say next available appt is Feb 22nd. What? Why are we being penalized because your tech called in sick. Why are we being put to the back of the line…seems to me that the entire schedule should be shifted. Got no where with Call Center foreigners…hard enough to understand their bad English. Went to store and told manager if he didn’t figure out a way to resolve this we would load the frig on our truck and bring it back. He said he was trying to get a service manager to call us. We agreed to wait until end of day but said we would be bringing it back and making a big stink out of it. At around 4 on Friday afternoon on the day we should have had it fixed, some woman from Georgia called to say she was working on it and asked if we had the parts. For gosh sake look in your computer system, you will see how long they have been sitting. I knew no one would call back that day but my husband held out hope to no avail. So tomorrow is Monday, January 30th and we will have had no working refrigerator/freezer for 30 days and have no idea how to get this freaking mess resolved. You can’t talk to a live body who can help at all. I swear if we don’t hear from someone tomorrow, we will be loading this refrigerator on our truck and will be dropping it on the store floor and will surely make sure every customer looking to buy any appliance in the store gets the message…DON’T BUY FROM SEARS AND DEFINITELY DON’T BUY THEIR SERVICE AGREEMENT! Seems like we have been scammed. Have a broken less than a year old refrigerator and paid for a service agreement and we can’t get service.

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  7. I will never buy anything from The online system has a big problem. They charged an “unable” to process order and even delivered it. When I asked for a refund. They need me to drive the products back to the store. It took two months for me to get the refund. And they refund me without the shipping and handling fee. But originally, it was the system error to make the order out from their warehouse!!!!!!!!!! The story has not end yet. Their system had error again on Jan 1, 2017. They sent me an email saying that my order is placed with the same order number that I had refund. They charged me again and refund me after a few days with any phone call or email to explain. But then, the refund was $5 less due to the NON-REFUNDABLE shipping and handling fee. What? The error is them not us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called the customer line for more than 10 times to repeatedly explain and, as expected, every representative was nice but unable to help much. Now, I was asked to give my bank record to prove that I was charged and refunded without the shipping and handling fee. The representative said it was easy to do and encouraged me to do so. I will do it and give it a try. But I cannot trust anymore.

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  8. I am furious.I just want a manager to call me like I have requested 10 times already I want Sears to pick up this washing machine and I will never ever do business with Sears again my family has been without a washing machine and dryer for over a month now because of Sears. First off I got the wrong dryer delivered. Second the delivery man told me it would take me tops a few days to get the correct one delivered. I was told to call a specific number and they would deliver me my new dryer. I called that number and the representative on the phone said my dryer was going to be on the way they would call me in a day or two. I waited a week and was furious because I explained to the representative that we don’t have a washer and dryer and they said it would be taken care of. I then called my local Sears and had a supervisor over there make phone calls for me to figure out my situation. She went ahead and made phone calls and said a specific person was going to be calling me in to get my dryer delivered. I waited another week and nobody called me. Here I am a month later with no washer and dryer nobody called me back and nobody helping me!!! I am absolutely furious! Once again I need a manager to call me and I want this washer and dryer picked up I Bought my washer and dryer on Black Friday that’s how long it has been!!!!! I have never ever experienced something like this in my life before. I will be calling the Better Business Bureau yelp and anyone else I can get a hold of to express this absurd situation!! AS OF THIS MOMENT IM CALLING MY LOCAL STORE AND HITTING ZERO AND NO ONE IS PICKING UP!!!!


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    • WOW Sears customer service has fallen and fallen. This is in regards to your Citibank card. I first contact them when I received a bill from Sears that says my minimum payment was 118.00. They took 306.00 from my account which made in overdraft. I called Citibank and they refunded the overage to my bank account. Everything was good. Feb 27th I get a call from Citibank and they are demanding that I pay the part that was refunded and immediately since it was “delinquent” and also the billing for March (even though it wasn’t due until March 21. I explained what happened and they didn’t care. I ask them why did they refund the money then if it was due. They didn’t answer me they just kept saying I owed them money and that I was delinquent and they were charging me a late charge. I went up two supervisors and they all said the same thing and again and again when I asked why did you refund the money, they just ignored the questions and told me to pay up. I was so upset I started crying. I had also sent an email to them saying what happened and they told me that my account was delinquent and that I my account has been sent to collections. Horrible! I paid the amount owed today but I never have felt so much unrelenting anger toward the situation. No ever answered my question, just if you don’t pay you will go to collections.
      I used to buy a lot at sears but that time is over. I will never make another charge on my Citibank card and when it is paid off it will be cancelled. You might say Citibank is not Sears, but if you choose a bank to represent you yes, it is Sears. Sorry I can’t do business with you again.

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