Pizza Hut Customer Service Phone Number

Pizza Hut Customer Service Phone Number.

If you have a complaint about a Pizza Hut order or if you have a question about services, then you can call the Pizza Hut Customer Service number.

The official Pizza Hut Customer Service phone number is (USA): 1-800-948-8488

The average hold time is:
3 minutes.
Pizza Hut Customer Care Call center Hours are:
24 hours, 7 days a week.

TIP: When calling Pizza Hut, please Press 1 and hang on the line for a few seconds.
Press 2 when the recording asks if you want to speak to a representative.

Alternatively, you can try calling:  1-(972) 338-7700. (Corporate)


If you are in the United Kingdom, then call: 0800 028 7034

If you are in Canada, then call: 1-866-664-5696.

For customers in India, please call:  3988 3988

Pizza Hut Email Customer Support.

You can also fill out the Pizza Hut email form, if you have an issue or complaint.

The form is quite detailed. You can decribe your issue and the location that served you.

Is there a Pizza Hut Phone Number for Delivery?

If you are looking for a nationwide Pizza Hut Delivery phone number, then we can tell you, that there is none. You must call your local Pizza Hut restaurant to phone in a delivery order, or use the the delivery function on the Pizza Hut app.

Pizza Hut Customer Service Phone Number
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3 Comments on Pizza Hut Customer Service Phone Number

  1. After reading the facebook article where a serviceman went to a Pizza Hut and asked about a serviceman discount. They belittled him and said they were tired of service people, police people and fire people asking for discounts. After seeing the way he was treated and one of the reps were there and told him if he didn’t like it to get the *#@* out I have decided to not darken your doorsteps again. Remember, you need us, we don’t need you.

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  2. I loathe Pizza Hut! For years YEARS I refused to spend money with this company, against my better judgement I started back, BIG MISTAKE. The service is still as dreadful as ever. There are three locations here in Florence SC, the ONLY one worth even considering going to is the one on Palmetto Street. I went to the Second Loop location last night, they DID NOT get my crust right, which was one of the reasons I stopped going in the first place, they took/take FOREVER to simply answer the phones!! And your order was always NOT what you ordered, this so called “call center ” is a complete JOKE, they are just as bad. Still waiting on the so called manager to call from that order, spoke with Leo, who says it was entered correctly but, surprise, the store for it wrong.From last night’s visit I thought my son left my debit card , tried calling tonight to see..called was told I was getting transferred, she hung up! Called back again held on FOREVER,only to get some smart mouth young “supervisor of the so called call center who was as rude and unprofessional as they come. Just clueless about anything related to real customer service. This was supposed to a better remedy? It’s a wonder Pizza Hut is still in business, just falls short on every level!

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