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Comcast Corporate Office and Headquarters.

This page provides all relevant contact details for the Comcast and XFINITY corporate offices.

Find up-to-date information on the company’s headquarters address, phone numbers, careers pages, Executive Team and customer service department.

About Comcast.

Comcast is a media and entertainment conglomerate established in 1963. Over the following decades, the company went from broadcasting 5 cable channels to becoming the largest cable TV provider in the US.

Comcast owns other media outlets, such as NBC Universal, Telemundo, CNBC, The Weather Channel, and USA Network. The telecommunications conglomerate now provides TV, VoiP phone, and Internet to more than 30 million customers in 40 states.

Comcast Corporate Office Contacts.

You can call, send a fax, or write to Comcast’s Head Office by mail. Alternatively, use the Feedback Form to register a complaint.



Comcast Headquarters Phone Number:


The Switchboard Hours are: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST)


Comcast Headquarters Fax Number:



Comcast Headquarters Address:

Comcast Center, 1701 JFK Boulevard

Philadelphia, PA 19103



The Comcast Headquarters at Comcast Center, 1701 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia.
The Comcast Headquarters at Comcast Center, 1701 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia.

Comcast Executive Team.

The complete list of key leaders at Comcast.

  • Brian L. Roberts, Chairman & CEO
  • Stephen B. Burke, CEO (NCBUniversal) & Senior Executive Vice President (Comcast)
  • Michael J. Kavanagh, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • David L. Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President
  • Neil Smit, President & CEO (Comcast Cable)
  • Arthur R. Block, General Counsel & Secretary
  • Bob Eatroff, Executive Vice President (Corporate Development)
  • Darcy F. Rudnay, Chief Communications Officer
  • Lawrence J. Salva, Chief Accounting Officer
  • Amy Banse, Managing Director (Comcast Ventures)
  • Rebecca Arbogast, Senior Vice President (Global Public Policy)
  • Jason S. Armstrong, Senior Vice President (Investor Relations)
  • Karen Dougherty Buchholz, Senior Vice President (Administration)
  • Francis M. Buono, Senior Vice President (Legal Regulatory Affairs)
  • Lynn R. Charytan, Executive Vice President & General Counsel (Comcast Cable)
  • Kristine A. Dankenbrink, Senior Vice President (Taxation)
  • William E. Dordelman, Senior Vice President & Treasurer
  • Cynthia K. Hook, Senior Vice President Risk Officer & General Auditor
  • Jennifer Khoury Newcomb, Senior Vice President (Corporate & Digital Communications)
  • Melissa Maxfield, Senior Vice President (Federal Government Affairs)
  • Devesh Raj, Senior Vice President (Strategic & Financial Planning)
  • Myrna Soto, Global Chief Information Security Officer
  • Dalila Wilsoon-Scott, Senior Vice President (Community Investment)
  • Kathryn A. Zachem, Senior Vice President (Regulatory / State Legislative Affairs)
  • David A. Scott, President & CEO (Comcast Spectacor)
  • Maria G. Aras, Vice President (Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Rudy N. Brioche, Vice President (Global Public Policy)
  • Beth Bunting Anrholt, Vice President (Integrated Talent Managament)
  • Jennifer Daley, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer
  • Lindsey Dickinson, Vice President (Federal Government Affairs)
  • Joseph F. Ditrolio, Vice President (Financial Operations)
  • David Don, Vice President (Regulatory Policy)
  • Thomas J. Donnelly, Vice President (State & Local Tax)
  • James Finnegan, Vice President (Intellectual Property)
  • Sena Fitzmaurice, Vice President (Government Communications)
  • Matthew Fradin, Vice President & Senior Deputy General Counsel
  • Leonard J. Gatti, Vice President (Financial Reporting)
  • Gregg M. Goldstein, Vice President (Corporate Development)
  • Jordan Goldstein,Vice President (Regulatory Affairs)
  • Jennifer J. Heller, Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Julie Laine, Vice President & Chief Transaction Compliance Officer
  • Sam Lancaster, Vice President (Federal Government Affairs)
  • Charisse R. Lillie, Fellow & Vice President (Community Investment)
  • James P. McCue, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer
  • Joseph P. McGinley, Vice President (Corporate Development)
  • Mark J. Noble, Vice President (Corporate Development)
  • Kevin P. O’Connor, Vice President (Federal Tax)
  • Juan Otero, Vice President (Federal Government Affairs)
  • Bret Perkins, Vice President (External Government Affairs)
  • Marc A. Rockford, Vice President & Senior Deputy General Counsel
  • Derek H. Squire, Vice President & Senior Deputy General Counsel

Comcast Board of Directors:

  • Kenneth J. Bacon
  • Madeline S. Bell
  • Sheldon M. Boonovitz
  • Edward D. Breen
  • Joseph J. Collins
  • Gerald L. Hassell
  • Jeffrey A. Honickman
  • Eduardo G. Mestre
  • Brian L. Roberts
  • Jonathan A. Rodgers
  • Judith Rodin

Comcast Careers and Jobs.

If you’d like to become part of Comcast’s team of more than 153,000 employees, visit their Careers page or Twitter to find out about all available positions.

Visit their jobs search page, to see a list of all 2000+ open positions in chronological order.

How to Complain to Comcast.

Comcast’s and XFINITY’s Customer Service Department can be reached on +1-800-934-6489 or by emailing or Comcast aims to reply to messages within 2 hours.

If you want to disconnect your service then call Comcast on 1-800-266-2278.

To send complaints via Twitter, use the handle @comcastcares.

For XFINITY complaints or issues, you can also use their excellent Live Chat option. Visit XFINITY Live Chat and choose either billing, apps login or service troubleshooting to get connected to a live representative.

The Comcast website also has a Live Chat option which can be found here.

If you want to provide feedback by email form, then use their Feedback Form. You can submit complaints on all services and even submit praise on individual employees.

Other Comcast Resources.

Social media links, online help, feedback, and customer support services: These are just a few of the additional Comcast resources listed below.

Please share your experiences, complaints or praise about Comcast/Xfinity in the comment section.

Comcast Headquarters
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