Walmart One Help

Walmart One Help.

This page is a help page for the most commonly asked questions from users of the WalmartOne we-portal.

For the detailed login guide for WalmartOne, please visit.

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Q: I forgot the user name and password.
Go to . Ask for userser name be emailed to you, or you can reset your password using your security questions. Call the service team at (800) 530-9929 Option 2,2 for more info

Q: How can i view my Walmart Schedule?

Log in to WalmartOne.

Click on on your profile photo.

Click on ‘View Schedule’

Q: I get the message “User not found” when registering on
: The detailed entered differe from details in the system. Contact a Walmart Personnel Manager or HR Representative to verify details.

Q: I am a new Walmart Employee. How can I register?
When you have received your first paycheck, you can register, not before.

Q: How can I see my paystubs on the website?

A: Sign in to

Locate ‘Quick Links’ on the right hand side.

Click on ‘Paystub’.

Once logged in, navigate to ‘Paystub’ under quick links.

Other Resources:

Walmart Headquarters

Walmart Contact/Customer Service



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