Taco Bell Headquarters

Taco Bell Headquarters.

Comprehensive information about the fast-food chain Taco Bell and their corporate office.

We have compiled the contact details for the company’s headquarters and customer service departments, as well as information about Taco Bell’s leadership team, career opportunities, and much more.

About Taco Bell.

Taco Bell is a US-based fast-food chain that serves Mexican food (Tex-Mex) in approximately 6,000 locations nationwide. The company is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands and is operated under a franchise model.

Taco Bell was first established in 1962, and only 5 years later the number of Taco Bell restaurants had reached 100. Franchise operations began in 1968. Currently, this fast-food chain is present in 25 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Taco Bell Corporate Office Contacts.

You can phone, send a fax, or write to Taco Bell’s corporate office using the contact details below:


Taco Bell Headquarters Phone Number.

Taco Bell Headquarters Switchboard Hours.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. , weekdays only (Pacific Standard Time)

Taco Bell Headquarters Fax Number.

Taco Bell Headquarters Address.
1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine,
California 92618

Please note, that the Taco Bell Brand is a subsidiary or Yum! Brands. Yum! Brands also own the KFC, Little Sheep, Wingstreet and Pizza Hut brands. Yum! Brands headquarters address and phone number is:

Yum! Brands Headquarters Address.

Yum! Brands, Inc.
1441 Gardiner Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40213
Phone Number: (502) 874-8300
Fax Number: (502) 874-2690

Taco Bell Headquarters
The Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, California, is spread over 181.000 square feet and is home for 600 employees. The facility includes test kitchens, a dining center and an onsite fitness center.

Taco Bell Executive Team.

Below you can find the complete list of key leaders at Taco Bell.

  • Greg Creed, Taco Bell CEO
  • Tracy Skeans, Chief Transformation and People Officer (Yum!)
  • Scott Bergren, CEO Pizza Hut and Innovation Officer
  • Jonathan Blum, Senior Vice President
  • Anne Byerlein, People Officer
  • Christian Campbell, Senior Vice President
  • Niren Chaudhary, President (Yum! India)
  • Roger Eaton, CEO (KFC)
  • Larry Gathof, Vice President & Treasurer
  • Patrick Grismer, Chief Fianancial Officer
  • Micky Pant, CEO (Yum! China)
  • David Russell, Vice President (Finance)
  • Marisa Thalberg, Chief Marketing Officer

Taco Bell Board of Directors:

  • Michael J. Cavanagh
  • Massimo Ferragamo
  • David W. Dorman
  • Mirian M. Graddick-Weir
  • Bonnie G. Hill
  • Jonathan S. Linen
  • Thomas C. Nelson
  • Thomas M. Ryan
  • Robert D. Walter

Taco Bell Careers and Jobs.

The company’s Careers page can be found here. At this page, you can view all current job opportunities in Taco Bell restaurants, franchises, and at the corporate office. You can also use this page to apply online to suitable vacancies and sign up to receive job updates by e-mail.

There is also an active Taco Bell LinkedIn page that lists career opportunities with Taco Bell in the US.

How to complain to Taco Bell.

To reach the Customer Service Department at Taco Bell US, call the toll-free number at +1-800-822-6235.

You can also get in touch with the customer care department by using this contact form. Fill it in and a member of the Customer Service team will get in touch either by phone or email.

Customers in Canada can use this web form to file complaints about restaurant experiences and to provide general feedback.

Moreover, Taco Bell also maintains an official Customer Care account on Twitter (@TacoBellTeam). Messages are replied to on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time).

Other Taco Bell Resources.

Please browse the list of resources below to find additional contact details and useful information about Taco Bell.

Please share you experiences, praise or complaints about Taco Bell,in the comment section.

Taco Bell Headquarters
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25 Comments on Taco Bell Headquarters

  1. The military and civilians working shift work here at Fort Gordon often send one of our uniformed air force, army, or navy personnel out with a list of orders and a stack of credit cards on what we call “food runs.” On multiple occasions, two of the Taco Bells in town have refused service to our group. They are located at 415 S Belair Rd and 3861 Washington Rd, Martinez, GA 30907. I assume they aren’t reporting this disservice to corporate, so I thought I’d give you a heads up before someone puts it on social media.

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  2. We have a 31/2 year old who is now saying ‘HELL’ FROM YOUR Commercial What were you thinking.We do not use such language in our home.
    We will not be going back to ANY TACO BELL and we like your food but no more and will be talking to other families about a boycott till you have the word taken out of your Advertisement

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  3. I am from Toronto and don’t go to Taco Bell. I wrote an email to say the 1955 Ford Convertible has the shifter handle in the wrong position for a car of that type to drive into a restaurant.The position shown in the windshield would indicate the car is in PARK and could not drive but, let in the commercial it is driving.
    Somehow I found the complaints that Taco Bell customers send to your headquarters..I laughed my head off hysterically…someone should make a documentary of the comments. I woke my wife from her sleep as I was laughing so loud at the comments.
    Once I read these and saw that non of the corporate principals had email addresses I realized that my comment re the shifter lever on the car would go no where as there were many comments on service,lack of inventory that should be addressed and they obviously were not being corrected…May I suggest that if anyone does read this comment,Taco Bell should read the book..SERVICING AMERICA..it should be mandatory for your managers as well. Simple but,I think you would see many customers come back and your profits increase.
    The USA is lucky that you have so many people to target (350 million)..in Canada we have only 35 million so if a company were to act like Taco Bell in Canada they would be out of business very quickly.

    I am amazed that your store managers would be so rude to customers and also amazed that so many of your customers come back for more of the rude and bad service.
    This sent in good faith from a Canadian consumer..just tired of seeing that gear shift handle in the wrong position.
    I will seek a Taco Bell in Canada and see if the service and customer commitment is different then in the USA.

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  4. My daughter recently stopped working at Taco Bell in Circleville Ohio off of start 23. She was harassed by manager who would tell her she was not visiting her dying aunt of cancer/kidney failure, she just wanted a day off in a week end she also stalked her FB page and would question her about her post ! My daughter is only 16 she was working 35/40 hrs a week after 9pm which is illegal! Plus going to school. She is nasty can’t keep employes cause of her. Owner needs to check up see what her problem is which I’m sure she has a lot off issues considering she was telling my daughter she had a aunt that was dying!

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  5. I’ve worked at Tacobell for year and an half ,I was an hard worker, always did my job and did extra work for my co-workers who had slacked off. Recently I left because of personal reason of being pregnant, i was having some issues due because of work. My General manager bribed me multiple ways to stay when I’ve told I could not, after i left I told her I’d be back on a day i could yet she never did put me on the schedule. I worked one day out of that week, i found out she had put me as terminated. No matter what i was always somehow passed over and I was one of the people that worked hard even with back pain, and some issues that would have caused a miscarriage .

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  6. I am a current employer at the Taco Bell in Charleston SC. My manager put me on 1 week suspension & told me to come back on Thursday March 2nd. When I arrived to work a different manager told me that I am to serve another week suspension? They did not give me an explanation as to why I’m on a second suspension only saying that they heard that I have found another job! Their actions was not very business like and was not very clear on the second suspension!

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  7. Camden, AR Taco Bell….Why do us customers get encouraged to do the survey on tellthebell.com if no one takes the actions necessary to correct any if the issues. FYI, a chessy gordita crunch without the white sauce is just a cheesy taco with extra dough. The white sauce gives the gordita it’s special taste. The lunch crew here has improved but the evening crew keeps getting worse and worse. The food is never correct nor fresh after 2pm. This is just 1 of many complaints I’ve made about the store and I am a VERY loyal customer who goes to this store atleast 4 days a week. The employees know me by name. Please take corrective actions so that I may continue to enjoy purchases or they will definitely lose my business as well as my 5 co workers that join me.

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  8. Taco Bell at corner of Jamboree and Chapman, if you request a Supreme Burrito you are absolutely not going to get one in the drive thru. Happened to me twice, and if you call in to speak to the Manager he ignores you and doesn’t come to the phone, very very unprofessional. Funny how they take your money but give you slop.

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  9. It was horrible I went to Taco Bell on Elvis Presley in Whitehaven it was after 7am and no one came to the window there were people there because they were emptying the garbage the customer service was horrible if the customers did not come to there restaurant they will not have jobs they need to get better staff or close down!!! This was not the 1st time either but it will be my last because I will NEVER go there again!!

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  10. Last night I saw your ad for the new chicken chalupa. Today my wife stopped by the local TB to get lunch. I only wanted the new chalupa. My mistake.
    Two reasons:
    1. The ad gives appearance that the chalupa is at least as big as the regular chalupa. It isn’t. But, I can deal with that.
    2. There is nothing in the tv add that indicates a lot of spices. (I know it’s mexican food or at least american mexican food). I took first and very last bite of the chicken chalupa. I thought that the inside of my mouth had caught on fire. I had to eat a piece of bread to calm the heat down.

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  11. I live in Smyrna ga the taco bell on s south cobb drive is suppose to be a taco bell pizza hut store. But apparently every time you order a pizza oh our oven is down. They just recently remodeled it. Yall should take down the pizza hut sign off of your building. Because apparently the oven is always down. Should have taken that remodeling money and bought a new oven. Either that our hire some people that want to do the job of making the pizzas.

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  12. My husband and I were watching TV today Sunday. We observed aprox. 20 Taco Bell breakfast commercials and the jingle is certainly not what I want my 5 yr. old granddaughter going to pre-school singing. I am very concerned with what our young children are being taught and commercials are very catchy to young ears. I’m very displeased and will be talking to my neighbors and others about your choice of lyrics.

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    • I am livid over the Commercial I have a 31/2 year old grandson who is now saying (HELL) and his parents and I are not happy about it.

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  13. I was recently watching a Recent Taco Bell “Chicken” Chalupa Commercial when the Man (backward) tosses his discarded napkin. The napkin happens to land on top of the Stroller as the Black Woman walks by, when the Trash Can is clearly in plain sight! Really.

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  14. Your new breakfast commercial is just wrong! I will never go to Taco Bell again. Using bad language in a commercial is not child appropriate. I have no idea who in your company thought that was ok, it’s not! You should really rethink that commercial.

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    • A Boyce, I was glad to see your post! I am offended by your new commercial “if your morning was hell…” Do our children and grandchildren need to hear curse words spoken as normal conversation on the radio and television in the context of everyday advertisements as well? I for one think its mannerless and repulsive. I hope more people express their displeasure.

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  15. Taco bell north in Roswell NM always messes up on orders in their drive thru, they ask if orders correct on screen but they don’t follow orders on the screen apparantly.

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  16. Well, needless to say I had a less than satisfactory experience at Taco Bell on Monday, 01/30/2017 at 7PM. I went to the location on 1701 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612 with my husband and decided to order food. While at the drive thru, I encountered a nasty employee by the name of Carla H. My husband ordered two chicken quesadillas, one with light sauce. Carla made a comment into the speaker that my husband did not hear, so he politely repeated one quesadilla should have light sauce. Without missing a beat, Carla yelled into the speaker, “I SAID LIGHT…..CREAMY……JA-LA-PE-NO!!!” She said this as if my husband was slow and she had to break it down extra for him. Once we got to the window, I asked for a manager immediately. I was greeted by a girl with dreads and gold teeth, who looked dumbfounded from the get go. I explained to her what happened and I asked for the number to the corporate office. She advised me that I would have to contact the store to speak with someone else named Carla on Wednesday because they are a franchisee. Not to mention, when Carla came back to the window, she continued to be condescending. Also, my husband and I ended up getting sick from the food, which led me to believe something had been done to it since we spoke with the manager before we got our food. I contacted the store today, 02/01/2017 at 2:30PM and spoke with a manager named Markesha. I told her I was told to ask for Carla when I contacted the store so she could file my complaint. Markesha advised me that there was no manager at the store named Carla, only the rude employee that took our order previously. Markesha was very sympathetic to my complaint and provided me the phone number to the complaint line and told me she would pass my information along to the higher ups because me and my husband ended up getting sick from the food. I am extremely frustrated with this store because I have never encountered such rude service and then on top of everything else, my husband and I mysteriously get sick. I am definitely going to make sure that I leave a review everywhere I can and I will also contact the corporate office myself to make sure something is done to this store. I need whoever trains these employees to teach them favorable customer service.

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  17. In reference reference to the store in San Bernardino, I am a senior of age. I was told by the cashier that I couldn’t use my senior discount more than once in a single visit. I asked her if she could show me this in writing to confirm this. She refused to show me any proof. Could you please settle this issue for me as I enjoy eating at Taco Bell. Thank you

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  18. This complaint concerns recent ad on tv for Taco Bell – which says something about having a “hell of a day.” We do not use such language in our family, nor do any of our friends. I am extremely upset that children can be exposed to such coarse language in our home, any time of day. There is no reason for this language in any advertising. Until your commercials are cleaned up, we will no longer patronize any of your many establishments. You don’t want swear words in my complaint, but you don’t seem to mind using them in front of my children!

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  19. “My doctor told me to eat more Taco Bell.

    Well actually he said “less McDonald’s” but I’m pretty sure I know what he meant.. 🙂

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  20. Ive had several issues with Taco Bell in Fowlerville Michigan and they have either not put meat in tacos or there missing or they are smashed all up and this time I was refused service told if I didn’t like it to go somewhere else after hour of being told to wait. It’s outrageous that they are allowed to treat customers the way they do at this location. There were several other customers that were very upset also and even asked the employees if they were going to help after these orders. Bruce is extremely rude and told me if I didn’t leave his store he was calling by the cops.

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  21. Every time we go to Taco Bell, they never get our order right! If we don’t get all of our order then it’s smashed up. Tonight we went threw drive threw and when we got home one of our double stacks had very little meat, only 3 little pieces if that. We are almost done eating there. One night they told us they didn’t have anymore beans and the next day we went back to talk to a different manager and she said “we had more beans and they only take about five minutes to make so obviously the night shift from lastnight was just lazy.”

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  22. I love Taco Bell. I realize they are not perfect, but come on, you can get a burrito for 1$. That is ONE dollar! Easily my favorite fast food chain.

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