T-Mobile Customer Service Phone Number

T-Mobile Customer Service Phone Numbers.

List of all T-Mobile Customer Care numbers and T-Mobile contacts, including Live Chat, mail addresses and 1-800 phone numbers.

See how to contact T-Mobile for complaints, customer service, tech support, billing, sales and more.

If you are an existing T-Mobile customer, the easiest method to contact customer service, is to simply dial 611 from your T-mobile phone. Ask to speak to speak with a ‘supervisor’ if you have important, complicated problem.

T-Mobile Customer Service Phone Numbers.

T Mobile Customer Service and Sales: 1-800-T-MOBILE (800-866-2453)

T-Mobile Customer Service Number – Alternative: 1877-746-0909
Call center hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week.


T-Mobile Customer Service Number – Alternative 2: 1-800-937-8997
Call center hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week.

T-Mobile Order Help Number: 1-800-672-5390

T Mobile Plan Shopping: 1-877-413-5903

T Mobile Business Plan: 1-844-4AT-WORK

T-Mobile Business Customers: 1-888-537-424

T-Mobile Technical Support:  1-877-453-1304

T-Mobile Payment Service:  1-877-453-1304

T-Mobile Prepaid Customer Service Numbers:

To activate T-Mobile Prepaid, call 1-877-778-2107
To manage T-Mobile Prepaid, call 1-877-778-2106
To refill T-Mobile Prepaid, call 1-877-720-5195
Call center hours: 6am-10pm EST

International Callers Number:  1-505-998-3793

Speech and Hearing Impared Customer Service: 1-877-296-1018

T-Mobile UK (United Kingdon) Customer Service phone Number: +44 7953 966150

T-Mobile customer care support staff is available from from 3 a.m-10 p.m PT Monday through Friday and on weekends too. The automated customer service system that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

T-Mobile Online Help.

For online help and FAQs, please visit the Support page. Pick your issue or complaint and click through to a solutions is found. Previous customers will ask and answer qustions on the Community Support Board.

T-Mobile Handset Short Codes.

Just dial one of the these short codes and hit “Send,” and TMobile will send give you the info you need.

#BAL# (#225#) For your account balance and last payment received info.

#MIN# (#646#) For your minute use for the current billing cycle.

#MSG# (#674#) For your message use for the current billing cycle.

How to Complain to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Live Chat.

If you have a complaint, then we recommend calling either the customer care number above or to use the T-Mobile Live Chat option. To use the Live Chat, simply visit Contact Us and click on ‘Live Chat’ on the middle of the page or by on the left button at the right side of the screen. The T-Mobile Live Chat lines are open from  3 am-10 pm PST.

T-Mobile Twitter Help.

T-Mobile also has a Twitter Help Service. Simply tweet your issue or complaint to @TMobileHelp, and you will usually get a quick answer within days.

T-Mobile Resources.

T-Mobile Facebook

T-Mobile Twitter

T-Mobile Google+

T-Mobile Store Locator

Please share your experiences with the T-Mobile Customer Service, in the comment section below.

T-Mobile Customer Service Phone Number
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11 Comments on T-Mobile Customer Service Phone Number

  1. i have bought my iphone 7 32gb in u.s portarthur..i have paid the money for unlocked mobile only.. unfortunately, that shop guy gave locked phone.. then i came india, when i insert my sim it shows sim not supported after that i have visit one apple service centre.. he said its about carrier lock mobile.. please suggest me how to unlock that mobile.. its T-mobile carrier lock only..

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  2. I’m not a happy customer. Customer service was really rude didn’t want help with what was going on i had a payment arrangement but because I just started a new job I couldn’t pay to following week.well the rep basically said oh well hung up

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  3. Good morning : I have been with T-Mobile, before their name was T-Mobile first Omnipoint, than Voice Stream, now T-Mobile. I’d like to know what perks do you have for a loyal customer, who has a lot to complain about, but very rarely do. Drop calls,video constantly buffering, hot spot that works when it wants. And never once has T-Mobile ever offered me anything for being a loyal customer. Where is the loyalty. T-Mobile Tuesday isn’t a perk for me, if your offering it to everyone. What can T-Mobile do for me so I can go to social media and brag about how loyalty dose have it’s perks. Seriously these are blatant issues. It’s like I’m stuck on stupid, waiting for something that is never gone to happen.

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  4. I hate T-Mobile with a passion. First I never have reception half the time, and every time I’m making a payment of 100.00 or more I get a text telling me I have another payment coming up and the bill raised to 500-600 dollars. I only have 1 line, why am I paying 300 a month. I am so through with T-mobile. I can never understand the people I talk with through customer service. One time a CSR hung up on me and turned my phone off. They want me to pay 198.00 after I just paid 100.00 two days ago, I only owe 200.00 left on my iPhone, I rather pay that then give them another dime, they just lost me as a customer I’m going to sprint

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  5. I traded in 3 iPhone 5c for the iPhone 7s and after 4 months I still don’t have credits for my trade-ins. I called over 12 times and went to a t-mobile store 4 times and still no resolution. I was assured that my case was escalated over 8 times. This seems like a scam. From day one every representative explained this will be resolved. I still don’t have my credits and it seems this will never be resolved. Don’t trade in your phone via the internet. Goto a store.

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  6. I had been pleased with the service till now…cause just like relationship no cell service is perfect until they cheat on you…I have been paying off a new 7 edge for the past few months with insurance or what I thought was insurance. Apparently when I tried to claim a replacement phone, 3rd party insurance company says I was only paying for damages and not loss and tmobile says I should have been covered for everything which is what I told the sales person at the store when purchasing the phone…so tmobile customer. service say we’ll get back to you in 2 hours, we have to bring the case to solution specialist…now I’m no specialist but I could think of a couple ways to resolve this but it’s 18 hours later and no call…sorry Steve K. but seems I was right was to be a skeptic about call back. when I called 3 hours into wait I requested to speak to a couple of people who were familiar with my case but it seems tmobile doesn’t have call back I.D. ext numbers so basically when you hang up that phone call to cust service that could literally be the last time you ever speak to that rep…so now I’m left waiting for a call back and no resolve for a phone until I become impatient and go to a different service with a whole new family plan.

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  7. T-Mobile pull $683.11 off my card that was not authorized. I authorized 390 pay off the phone that was on a family plan, like I was told to do by a customer service rep in store. now they won’t refund my money back that was not authorized they say conversations are subject to be recorded. was that one record when she stated to me pay $390 to pay off my phone but end up pulling $683.11 of my debit card and put it towards someone else’s account not my phone account but I’m not going to take this, so I’m looking to take this further, can you say CEO and getting a letter or something and do the customer service Reps still have her job, she did a unauthorized transaction

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  8. T-Mobile steals your returned phones, says it is lost even when returning it using their shipping label then continue to charge you for the phone claiming you never returned it. I am out over $600 for a returned iPhone and all operators will say is we don’t have it so…

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  9. T-mobile customer service is horrible. Operators, they don’t hazard to hang up on you. If you order a phone from them BE CAREFUL PLEASE. Because if you make a mistake you really gonna have hard time to get your money back. Maybe never

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  10. I switched over from Verizon to T mobile. I wanted T mobile to pay my daughters phone off instead of getting a rebate card. I wasn’t told how to submit this info to get the phone paid off so I used the same method I used to get mine and my wife’s rebates. Having done this, I am now told I must take the rebate card instead of getting my daughters phone paid off. I am very disappointed to learn that I have to take this option and can’t be changed. I wish when I switched over that I was told what I needed to do in order to get her phone paid off. I thought that t mobile paid it off directly instead of sending me a card to pay it off. I wasn’t told that information when I switched over. Again, I am very disappointed in not being given the proper information to accomplish paying off my daughters phone.

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  11. I’m constantly dropping my signal. Your coverage is terrible. I’m considering switching to at&t. I’m sick of losing my signal.

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