Pizza Hut Headquarters

Pizza Hut Headquarters and Corporate Office.

See all Pizza Hut Headquarters information here, including corporate and customer service phone numbers, corporate addresses and a list of the the executive board. Learn how and where to complain about Pizza Hut’s products or services.

About Pizza Hut Headquarters.

Pizza Hut is the worlds largest pizza restaurant chain and is owned by Yum! Brands. The corporate headquarters of Pizza Hut is therefore that of Yum! brands, so you need to contact the Yum! brands Headquarters in order to formally contact the company.

Pizza Hut Corporate Office and Headquarters.

The Pizza Hut headquarters (Yum! Brands) is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Pizza Hut Headquarter Address:

Pizza Hut Brands corporate office can be reached via mail by writing to:


Yum! Brands attn: Pizza Hut Headquarters 1900 Colonel Sanders Ln, Louisville, KY 40213

Pizza Hut Headquarters Phone Number:

For the Pizza Hut headquarters call 1-502-874-8300.

Pizza Hut Customer Service Phone Number:

1-800-948-8488 or 1-866-364-0825

Call 1-866-664-5696 in Canada.

Pizza Hut Email Contact:

There is no email address available for the corporate office at Yum! Brands. You can contact the Pizza Hut Customer Service via this form or email your feedback to

Pizza Hut Headquarters Website:

See the website for Yum! Brands to see company news and investor relations.

Pizza Hut Headquarters
The Pizza Hut Headquarters is located in Plano, Texas, spread over 177.000 square feet. The corporate office houses 400 Pizza Hut workers, 200 Yum International employees and around 100 employees from sister brand Taco Bell.

How to Complain to Pizza Hut.

To file a complaint at Pizza Hut, the best way is to use their Feedback Form. Include as many details as you have, including location of restaurant, time and date.They will usually get back to you in two or three days (working days). You’ll might get a coupon for your trouble.

You can also call their customer service hotline for free at: 1 (800) 948-8488.

Usually, you can just ask to speak to the manager at the offending restaurant. More often than not, you will receive a replacement pizza.

Alternatively, tweet your problem to @pizzahut or voice your complaint on their official Facebook page.

Pizza Hut Headquarters Executive Team.

These are the key leaders and Board of Directors at Yum! Brands. Scott Bergren is the CEO of Pizza Hut.

Senior Officers

  • David Novak – CEO
  • Sam Su – Vice President
  • Scott Bergren – Pizza Hut CEO
  • Jonathan Blum – Senior Vice President
  • Anne Byerlein – Chief People Officer
  • Christian Campbell – Senior Vice President
  • Niren Chaudhary – President, India Restaurants
  • Greg Creed – Taco Bell CEO
  • Roger Eaton – Kentucky Fried Chicken President
  • Larry Gathof – Vice President
  • Patrick Grismer – CFO
  • Mickey Pant – Kentucky Fried Chicken CEO
  • David Russell – Vice President

Board of Directors

  • David Novak
  • Sam Su
  • Michael Cavanagh
  • David Dorman
  • Massimo Ferragamo
  • Mirian Graddick-Weir
  • Bonnie Hill
  • Jonathan Linen
  • Thomas Nelson
  • Thomas Ryan
  • Robert Walter

Pizza Hut and Yum Brands.

Yum! Brands own the following companies and brands:

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken.
  • Taco Bell.
  • Pizza Hut.
Pizza Hut Headquarters
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51 Comments on Pizza Hut Headquarters

  1. My complaint is I see a store closing in the future in my hometown of whiteville nc. Pizza hut was my first public job when i was 17 yrs old and i loved it. My manager taught me everything i know about management. I visited this store last night for the first time in 3 yrs. Very disappointed in what i saw with the staff which all where at a table in the dining room with cell phones in hand. Could not tell who was in charge because only one person got up which was the waitress and mind you we where the only customers in the place. She did her job but was the only one who did. The place is in need of a deep cleaning. Carpet is worn and has a odor in the place. Walls are filthy with food windows are smeared with grim. I can tell the dm and regional managers are not during their jobs because it would not look this way and employees would not be hanging out with phones in hand. Its very sad to see a business that has been here for many yrs just go down because of laziness and not taking responsibility of their job. Need to clean house and start over with the whole crew. Bad habits have set in already.I will no longer support your store here until changes are made. Very disappointed in my visit. Ive been in retail and food business for over 25years and i’ve never seen such.

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  2. I couldn’t believe I called a order in and waited 45 minutes to pick up and when I went in my pizza orders had not been taken.okay I understand how working a job like that is but then I wait 45 minutes more and then my pizzas I’ve never seen a pizza look like this before it was burned dried up. I paid 17 dollars for a pile of craft. I loved you guys pizza but this store has went to the dogs.I’m attached picture to show you my problem. Thank you very much for listening and caring.

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  3. I have always loved pizza Hut and the only store left open close to my home has really went down hill in every aspect. They lost my business manager very unprofessional couldn’t explain why @ 8:30 p.m they answered the phone stating we can not take any order’s I said are you kidding me why? The female asked her manager while on the phone with me and said I don’t know and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so needless to say Poppa John’s got my business. This is the store on S.Meridian st in Indianapolis.

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  4. i know a young man that works at the bradford pizza hut that vern flynn treates this man unfairly.flynn told this man that that hes the hardest worker he has goes in when called goes fix the fryers when they dont work with out getting payed ernie south go’s beond his duties and gets told he wont go any further than he is.

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  5. Placed a order on March 2 2017 around 5:30 pm, when I arrived to pick up pizza they had fixed a medium meat lovers pan instead of large the girl told manager and started making the large, so the manager pulls one out of warmer and says this is what ordered, he said this a pan large meat lovers, he said you can tell by the edges being that I was tired I went for it, when I got home and looked at it found out it was thin crust with a garlic type crust, it sad that a manager don’t know the difference between thin and pan, so disappointed, its sad when the managers don’t care about the customers.

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  6. We have been ordering from Pizza Hut since dominos continually ruined out Friday night pizza meals. We have not been disappointed as of yet. Keep up the good work!

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  7. I placed a order online and my receipt confirmation stated my order will be delivered at 10:03, I called at 10:13 the wait time was between 13-21 minutes of hold time before someone answered I spoke with the manager Amber at store 1220 E. Northside Dr Jackson MS 39211 (601)362-1996. Amber stated her driver was out and on his way; I called back 10:30 another long wait it’s 10:43 when Amber pick up and states she is the manager so I asked for my money back she say she only have two driver the store CLOSES AT 11:00 AND MY CARD HAS BEEN CHARGED THE DRIVER NEVER SHOWED!!! I ask for a reimbursement for her to say 3-5 days before I would get my money back. IT DIDN’T TAKE ME 3-5 DAYS TO ORDER I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM PIZZA JUST AGAIN THIS IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND TERRIBLE BUSINESS!

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  8. I was behind a pizza hut worker who was not up to the crosswalk but almost 2 car links back when I came up on them I moved about 1 or 2 ft. more then they moved very little they Must Of BEEN on their Cell phone TEXTING after I moved again 1 or 2 ft. they only moved a little about the only time HE did look up is when I was beside him looking up from his Lap is what he did I tried to talk to the Manager & he said he felt threatened because I asked to show him the car I was talking about, he never came out so I went back in to ask who own the car the owner lied about it so maybe he would not be in trouble THIS IS NOT RIGHT ! not the first time either their drivers fly down our street all the time & no not at 25 mph but faster I only hope the Corp. Office Reads This & do something about it SOON !

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    • I was in the Pizza Hut in burleson and they messed up my order, the waitress had a bad attitude about them screwing up not my fault. I just wanted my pizza a certain way, she had a really bad attitude, nothing would probably come of this it just made me mad

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  9. Every month we have a pizza night and we like Pizza Hut pizza ,,,, we try and have it delivered to our home which is 4 blocks away from where we live,,, but the nights we call we are told delivery time is 2 hour wait ,,,, and it’s not the same night we have tried other nights of the week ,,,,, so he’ll I order from papa johns. Pizza not as good but all about the customer service and Pizza Hut is bad.

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  10. Ordered two family pastas, went to pick up my order. They had only made one, had to wait 10 ten minutes for my pasta. Plus cashier didn’t check if two pastas were made. Bad service

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  11. Gretna, Ne. Is the worst Pizza Hut I have ever been to. The employees are rude, treat you like dirt or you wait 15 minutes and don’t see any one to order from. Just need to shut it down.

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  12. I went to Pizza Hut me and my husband and we got 2 pizzas and the bar I went to get my food every thing on there look like it was bad. the eggs they were really bad, you could smell it. I told the women in them, the eggs were bad and with out her even looking at them she said they are not bad so I think some one needs to do something about the pizza Hut or close the doors if they can not do better with there food .This pizza Hut in Wytheville. I used to go there for birthday party’s but there is no way I would ever take my family back there unless they would clean up the place and get new people in there that know how it should be run

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  13. So im a formal employee of Pizza Hut in warrior alabama. I called about my w2’s and was told by the store manager Holly that since I was terminated that they will withhold my w2’s from me. If i do not get my w2’s I will be getting a lawyer and filing a lawsuit.

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    • Robert, I worked at Pizza Hut in Ocala, FL. I just received my w2 today and when I put in the information in turbo tax, it brought up “you have taxable unreported tip income”. I would like to get all my pay stubs to verify everything but I was told they don’t give out pay stubs for direct deposit.

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  14. I came to eat Here in the Pizza Hut here in Hillsboro Oregon and brought two Pepsi’s with me and I ask for a cup with Ice and they told me they didn’t allow outside drinks and I ask The manager if they had a sign and she was really rude and said they didn’t have to have a sign.I think is really rude of them.If I’m a custumer buying food I shouldn’t really matter if I bring outside drinks!

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  15. Truckers for Military Support and Awareness, until Pizza Hut recognizes our Military Men and Women, this trucker will never buy from any Pizza Hut Business NATION WIDE. Take action against Huntsville Al

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  16. So Pizza Hut thinks giving military a discount isn’t worth their time.

    We have started to boycott all Pizza Huts, let’s see if you like losing money

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  17. I want to know why the delivery drivers do not get to keep their credit card tips? That is against the law!! And another thing when applying for a job at Pizza Hut they tell you not to tell your insurance company that you are a driver, but they need the declaration page of your insurance…They want you to lie. If you get into an accident you are not covered unless you purchase a special policy. why are you having your managers lie to these people, This is a corrupt way of doing business and I plan to notify the news papers, tv, and if I have to Washington. I have nothing better to do. I am an old lady, I have all the time in the world….Respectfully, A concerned grandmother

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    • Nina, I used to be a driver for the one in warrior alabama and they had me drive without insurance on my car. and i was like i dont want to drive and they said if i didnt do it they would write me up or terminate me for not doing my job.

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    • I want to know why Pizza Hut charges $3.00 to deliver a Pizza Hut order? Gas is not too high. The Delivery guy doesn’t get it. So why? Every month on every Wednesday of the month we oder a Pizza. So we pay $12. & 15. A month for your delivery fee and we only live 3 miles away.
      this is ludicrous.
      We have been ordering from you foe the past 20 years but I believe I’ll go elsewhere.

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  19. Went to Pizza Hut on Peters Creek Parkway Winston Salem, NC for lunch. Buffet was bare and no one was in a hurry to get the pizzas out. The cinnamon sticks were gone and they did not get replenished. Our server was doing the best he could having to wait on 15 tables ( I did count). That man needs a raise! I am a manager myself and one of the managers stated the GM came in on their day off also. I would definitely be terminating someone. I know we had snow on Saturday, but if some of the staff couldn’t get there, I would have went and picked him/her up. Thanks Tina

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  20. I ordered 2 large pizzas from Commercial Ave, Ft. Lauderdale,Fl. I have been on hold now for 45 minutes after hanging up after holding for 30 minutes! I have been waiting for my delivery for 3 hours and 45 minutes and can’t get anyone on the phone. This is unacceptable and very frustrating!!!

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  21. When ordering a pizza from your Valrico Florida store, your website says there is no Pizza Hut in Valrico. But we buy pizza from you at least once a week in Valrico Florida. Your people at this location know that your online ordering has problems. Your company should honor the online discounts, especially when your online system fails.

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  22. Please check out your Hagerstown Maryland stores. So disappointed. Dirty, dirty, and no phone answering a half an hour before closing. Even to say we are closed instead of not answering. Especially when we ordered a pizza online that was supposed to be delivered by 11:03. And it is now 11:35. Makes me worry and then get irritated.

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  23. Last night around 6 pm, Jan 6th, I tried to order pizza from The Highway 79 south location in Temecula Ca… First I tried calling. I sat on the line for almost 8 minutes waiting for someone to pick up. So I decided to use your app to order it. I was ordering for a very large group, and half way thru my order, the app decided to tell I couldnt add the other items to my order. It was a pizza deal, after i had ordered other single pizzas. So I decided to place the order I had already spent 15 minutes ordering, and thought i would just call and make an additional order since the app wouldnt let me. I waited again on the line for 5 minutes, got irritated and decided I would just put in another new online order for the other half of the pizzas I wanted…. When i was done making the pozzas in the app it brought me to a screen that wouldnt let me finish the order… wouldnt put it in m6 cart to check out and finalize the order. So 35 minutes into trying to order pizza I try one last time to call… again waited 5 minutes, for some lady to answer and telle the computers were acting up, and asked me to call back in 10 to 15 minutes, so i explained how much time I had just spent trying to order pizza for the party I was having, and she tells me, ” well maam the problems online are not my problem, I cant do anything for you.” So when my husband showed up to pick up the order I was able to submit, rhey say they never got it. And I want to add, he drove 30 minutes down the mountain to pick up the dang pizza. I really enjoy your pizza but that was the most annoying hour I have ever spent on the phone trying to order pizza. So we took our business elsewhere and the total was over $120 dollars , so it was a big loss for that store, and we order there alot. Whatever was going on there needs to be fixed, and your pizza hut app is glitching so I wont be wanting to use that again. I was VERY dissapointed in all of my time wasted, and the additude on the phone fron the employee…. I have never felt the need to go online to complain about anything but this was so unacceptable. I hope yu guys can do something here to make me not want to write you guys off as my go to pizza place. Thanks for listening.

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  24. I ordered from the pizza hut on 1990 m st nw. I ordered online. I ordered 2 personal pans and boneless wings. I’m diabetic and there is not a whole lot of areas open to us during the late shift. The pizza was cold and burnt . The wings were dry . I called the store and no one picked up the phone. I can’t eat this mess and I had the items delivered. I must say the gentleman at your Pizza hut in target in forestville MD is awesome. the place is clean and the pizza is always great

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  25. My pizza and garlic knots were ice cold like I just pulled it out of the fridge the pizza wasn’t cut right and toppings were skimpy I’ll never order from this establishment again

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  26. Fight in one of the Lynchburg VA stores……Not conductive to the environment I would like to take my family to……the video didn’t appear to have had any kind of authority involved

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  27. I love some pizza hut but my last night experience was horrible. I just had got off work and stopped by to get a large pizza supposed to be speciality pizza pepperoni.First it wasn’t speciality pizza it was a regular pepperoni pizza supposed be doubled layers it was single layer. OK I bite into the pizza but it had hair in it.I call and told her manager that I don’t have transportation as my driver had started drinking. I even said I’ll pay for delivery she said its going take 45 to hour and I said that’s fine. I even said he takes a picture of hair. It upset me really bad I had someone elses hair in my mouth.

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  28. I thought I would give our local Pizza Hut a second chance, prior time the pizza had hardly any cheese, all toppings (what few there were) where laying on the cardboard box. Called tonight, start off, phone rang forever, lady answers in a rude tone, like we were bothering them. Placed my order, over hour later it gets delivered. Order pasta and pizza box, pasta, maybe 6 bites if that, no breadsticks, very hard cinnamon sticks. Called local store, was on hold for over an hour to speak with manager, they never answered, drove to business (still on hold) spoke to manager, rude as well, story is, they had server walk out, new person cooking, threw $7.99 on counter, not even a sorry. Will not go back, $25.00 went to garbage. What do you say corporate office?

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  29. I called a couple months back wanting my order corrected and never got a response. I emailed corporate bc I had ordered a pizza from the reynoldsburg Ohio location and Michael the manager was not only rude calling me a liar but messed my pizza up. I had asked for a medium pan pizza all pepperoni and half mushrooms and extra cheese all over and I got a pepperoni pizza and my receipt showed what I had ordered.i took my pizza in the store to get it fixed but I was a liar and my receipt was a liar to I guess. He was yelling at me calling me names. They was busy and I’m sure it was stressful but all I wanted was my pizza fixed. Neither corporate or the store Michael was at didn’t care. I will never order from a Pizza Hut again.

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  30. Andover Ks , 12/18/2016
    Pizza cut for hobbit hands or Seven Dwarves! Two bites oh they are so cute…complained about this store before. Last chance #hardlyanytoppings, #kidsizepiecesandplates.MellyP

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  31. I am struggling at present and a pizza is indeed a rare treat for us. I ordered 2 pizzas and a pasta, one pizza came the other order apparently never placed. There are specials but mine was $30. That is fine…but the pizza was horrible. The crust was not cooked, very doughy..and the rest was grease! We have never done this but had to discard the pizza, it was inedible! To top it off, I look at the receipt and my entire CC number was on it..this was pointed out by my delivery person (whom I tipped well). I called the store and it took 5 calls, finally I called the corporate office and they “said” they took care of the CC issue which they acknowledged but no apologies for the pizza. I will never , ever order from this company again. Ever, the worst customer service I have received in a very long time. I will say the pasta was good….oh, and no breadsticks which usually came with the pasta.

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    • Kym, you have to ask for breadsticks… it doesnt just come with the pasta… pizza hut is a multi billion dollar company. do you really think one of us saying :i’ll never return? is gonna hurt them one bit? no perhaps you should try a different pizza hut to see if it is in fact the business or just that one store.

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  32. I have eaten at pizza hut since I’ve had teeth and today on my 40th bday I ordered a large hand tossed on original regular crust meat lovers pizza, easy on the sauce without sausage and guess what I received…….a large hand tossed on not original crust I have no clue what flavor of crust meat lovers pizza, no sauce whatsoever with sausage. This has happened a couple of times lately and I’m really getting tired on giving my once favorite place second chances.

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  33. We love to go to the buffet on Tuesdays for family night but the last several times the salad and pizza bars are constantly full of children serving themselves. There used to be signs with age limit 12. I was informed tonight there is no age limit. Please tell me this is not true. I wouldn’t allow my child to do this. How sanitary is it when children who can’t see over the bars are helping themselves with no supervision?

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  34. I am tired of ordering the same pizza every time and they still can’t get it right and it’s in the system there. I ordered again tonight and went home and it was wrong again and you call and they said I’m sorry we were busy and when I was there picking it up, I didn’t see it busy. May start ordering from elsewhere.

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  35. Ravenswood wv store please answer phone. Ihave been on hold for over 1 and 1/2 hours. you are not that busy. could not reach corporate either.

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  36. Please, someone come look at the Pizza Hut in Winchester, Ky. This place needs to be torn down or gutted. A deep cleaning will not help this place. Broken electronics hanging from ceiling, dirt on ceiling, bad smells. Dirty employees.

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  37. I paid for a pizza online that I never received and Pizza Hut refuses to refund my money. Do not order online guys.

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  38. I have had several issues with my local Pizza Hut store. Pizza Hut has been my favorite pizza place since I was a young girl. Three consecutive orders my pizza came an hour past the estimated time arrival delivery time. I understand, the time is an estimated time frame, however each time I received the pizza, the appearance was deplorable and the pizza itself was cold. I contacted Pizza Hut customer service who indeed tried to rectify the situation by sending me 2 free complimentary pizzas with a reference number.

    I just tried using one of the coupons sent my Pizza Hut corporate offices and to my surprise my local Pizza Hut wouldn’t honor them.

    I spoke with a woman named Lisa, who indeed remembered my troubles from my previous encounter with this particular store. Not only was this infuriating, I had to explain my situation to three individuals. I work for Pepsi and couldn’t be more disappointed with the quality of service from Pizza Hut.

    I even went into grave detail in regards to the reference number provided by the letter sent to me by Pizza Huts corporate offices, and the statement regarding on the back for the store use.

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  39. Just would like to tell you that I bought one of your three box specials, it didn’t come in the box you show on tv ,it came in two pizza boxes and a paper bag. No chance to win xbox, plus everything was cold and took longer than was told. Pizza was hard and way over cooked . so don’t worry about me ordering from Pizza Hut again.

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  40. I have a problem with the manager at our local Pizza Hut. There is a employee that rented a house from me working there. This woman destroyed the house but promised to clean and pay for the repairs and she even signed a contract to do just that. Then she stops answering her phone or texts! So the only way to find her is to go to Pizza Hut, which is what I did today I politely asked if she was there the manager asked me to leave I told her that I wanted my key from this women she said no and to leave. Now I will send the sheriff there to get my key. Which is more disruptive, for me asking for my key or the sheriff? The manager is rude. I have bought a lot of pizza from there you just lost a customer for life.

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  41. 3 weeks ago my cousin and I ordered a pizza for delivery from the store in Clemson, SC had no problems but when I tried to have a pizza and wings delivered a week later and again i tried this past weekend, I was told they don’t deliver to my address. Well I wouldn’t complain any but considering they delivered to my cousins house which is located in same area I’m very upset. You have to literally turn onto my road to get to my cousins house in the subdivision and pass by my home coming in and out the subdivision. I like Pizza Hut but with what I went through with talking to the manager of that store I will never order from Pizza Hut again.

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  42. I would like somebody to investigate the short pump area of Richmond Virginia. There are no Pizza Huts in this area and we would like for someone to check into this and see if it would be a good location for you all. This area has built up very much over the last 10 years and to me would be an excellent location for Pizza Hut. Thank you

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