MyCard ADP Login

MyCard ADP Login and FAQ.

The ADP Portals enable you to log in to the various ADP employee and management services, as well as to your MyCard ADP ALINE Prepaid Card account, which works as an alternative to conventional paychecks.

We have listed all the different login pages, that ADP has supplied for employees, managers and for ALINE ADP Prepaid Card holders, making it easier for you to find the correct login page.

We have also provided a handy guide to activating and managing your ADP MyCard Visa Card or MasterCard, including support and help phone numbers and contacts.

ADP, Automatic Data Processing, is an American provider of human resources management software, payroll and  prepaid debit card services.

ALINE ADP MyCard Login.

You can log in to your ALINE ADP Prepaid Visa or Mastercard account here.


Problems Logging in to the ADP MyCard page?

If you are having difficulty logging on, please call Cardholder Services at 1.877.ADP.4321 (1.877.237.4321).

Forgotten your Password to your ALINE MyCard account?

If you have forgotten your ADP MyCard Password, the visit , enter your email and and follow the steps to create a new password.

Forgotten User ID to your ALINE MyCard account?

If you have forgotten your User ID or has been locked out of your account, then call the ADP Cardholder Services at 1.877.ADP.4321 (1.877.237.4321).

ALINE ADP MyCard Activation.

ADP MyCard Activation.

You will need to go to or call 1-877-237-4321 to activate your
ALINE Card before tou can use it.

The will redirect you to the Payroll page. Your browser may ask you if the page is secure. To avoid that step, go direct to the link below.

You will need to choose a PIN (personal identification number), when you activate your Card.
To activate your MyCard card now, visit and click on  ‘Activate My Card’. Alternatively, call: 1-877-ADP-4321 (1-877-237-4321).

ALINE MyCard ADP card members can also reactivate an older ALINE ADP cards by calling 1-877-237-4321.

Register Your ADP MyCard Visa.

To register, visit and click on ‘Activate My Card’, or call: 1-877-ADP-4321 (1-877-237-4321).


Can I spend more money than I have on the ALINE Card?

No. You cannot exceed your available balance, and there is no line of credit or overdraft protection feature associated with your ALINE Card. The ALINE ADP MyCard is a Visa or Mastercard Debit card, not a Credit Card.

Can I use my ALINE Card to pay for automatic monthly payments and online payments?

Yes. You may use your ALINE Card to make direct payments to your billers/retailers (e.g., gym memberships, cable TV, cell phone bill) on their websites using your ALINE Card number printed on the front of your card. You can also use the ADP MyCard for paying utilities, cable, Internet, phone, insurance, store cards and more, by clicking on the Evolve Money link from within your ADP Prepaid Visa or Mastercard account.

You can use your ALINE Card at any merchant that welcomes Visa® or MasterCard ® prepaid debit cards.

How can I see my ALINE ADP MyCard balance and statements?

Your statements and current balances are available online through the cardholder website at Log in to see your balance or statements.


You can also download the free ADP Mobile Solutions App for iOS and Android devices or call Card Services at 1.877.237.4321 to check your balance for free. Lastly, can check your balance at any in-network ATM for no charge, as well.

Can I transfer money from my ALINE ADP MyCard to my bank account?

Yes. You can transfer your full balance from your ALINE Card to any U.S. bank account in your name at You can add up to two U.S. bank accounts to your account profile. Please, allow up to 3 business days for a single transfer to complete.

Can I transfer money TO my ALINE Card from my Bank Account?

No, you cannot transfer money to your ALINE ADP Card by Wire Transfer. You can, however, load money onto your card by visiting a retailer that provides Reload@the Register™ or MoneyPak ® services.

Can I withdraw money from an ATM with my ADP ALINE Card?
Yes. When you activate your ALINE Card, you must to select a 4 digit PIN. You have one ATM
withdrawal per pay period for free.
Will my ADP ALINE MyCard expire?
Yes. Your ALINE Card has an expiration date but your funds do not expire.

ADP iPay Login.

The ADP iPay Login page can be found here. ADP’s iPayStatements service allows employees to view, print, and save an electronic copies of pay stubs, W-2s, and 1099s.

ADP WorkForce Now Login.

The ADP WorkFOrce Now login page can is located here. ADP Workforce Now is an integrated Web-based human resources (HR) solution, that comes with core HR, benefits, payroll, and time and attendance features.

Other ADP Login Pages.

The various ADP Portals can be a jungle for new users . Below you can find the full list of the various login pages available at the ADP website.

To log in to your ALINE ADP MyCard Prepaid Visa or Mastercard account, please visit the MyCard Sign In Page.

Other ADP Login Pages:

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MyCard ADP Login
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