McDonalds Headquarters

McDonalds Headquarters and Corporate Office.

Find out how to contact the McDonald’s Corporate Office here.

See the McDonald’s Headquarters address, phone numbers and email contacts.

McDonalds Headquarters.

The Mcdonald’s is the hamburger fast food restaurant chain in the world with more than 36000 restaurants in 119 different countries. The McDonalds Headquarters is located in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA.

Mcdonalds Corporate Office Address.

If you want to send mail to the McDonalds Corporate Office, then correspondence must be addressed to:

McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

McDonald’s Corporate Office Phone Number:


The main phone number for McDonald’ Headquarters is:



The Customer Service Toll-Free phone number is: 1-800-244-6227

Fax: (630) 623-3994

The line is open 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST

The corporate website is located at


The McDonalds Investors Relations phone numbers are:

1-800-621-7825 (U.S.A., U.S. Territories & Canada)

1-312-360-5129 (International)

1-630-623-3424 (Institutional Investors)

McDonalds Corporate Office Email.

For restaurant feedbank and general inquiries, please use the McDonalds Feedback Form.

The email for McDonalds Board of Directors is:

McDonalds Headquarters
The McDonald’s Headquarters at McDonald’s Plaza, Oak Brook, Illinois.

McDonalds Jobs.

If you are looking for a career at McDonald’s corporate office or at an outlet, then visit McDonald’s LinkedIn page or the McDonalds Career Page.

On the Careers page, you can choose either ‘Restaurants Jobs‘ or ‘Corporate Jobs‘.

McDonalds Resources.

About McDonalds

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McDonalds Investors Relations Contact

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McDonalds Headquarters
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24 Comments on McDonalds Headquarters

  1. A friend of mine visited a McDonalds in Dallas, Georgia this morning her and a friend were on their way to Church. One had on a t Shirt that said JESUS SAVES! and the Manager came out and said she either had to turn the t shirt inside out or leave. They Left My Question is why is it I can walk into a McDonalds and see kids wearing their pants around their thighs and showing off their colorful underwear but you cannot where a JESUS SAVES!! T Shirt and get served at a McDonalds??????? This is what is wrong with this country it has lost it’s values we once highly respected. I am Done with McDonalds will Not Eat There at any of their Businesses again!!!!! I’d Rather Have It My Way at Burger King, Sonics, or Checkers!!!!

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  2. So, we’re in the Mcdonalds line now, at 10:00pm….now, we’ve already been sitting in the line for about a 10 minutes before actually getting to the part where you would order. So, we finally get to the part where we would order and on comes a girl and says “sorry, we’re not taking any orders. we’re doing a shift change and it takes 20 minutes.” First of all, this is very unprofessional and upsetting.

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  3. Annapolis Md west street store is not able to do there job correctly. I am done with waiting in a drive thru line that defeats the meaning of fast food.So I go inside at 10.26am. I have to wait in the line because there is only one person working the register at that time. There are four people in front . It is obvious that the girl at the register does either not understand English or has not been trained correctly to handle the front line. After enough time goes by another employee helped a little then walked away.
    Time has passed after the other patrons in front of me have been taken care of. None of those transactions went smoothly. Now it my turn. I step up and place my order. I am told rudely like im expected to know the point at when the meals change that now lunch is being served and that the menu has changed. I have now been in the store for over twenty minutes watching poorly trained employees attempting there job and paid the price for there lack of ability to process orders. There was no apology , there was no we understand gesture. There was no acknowledgement of me being in line, There WAS me leaving out of your store because I do not get treated by anyone that way. I went across the street to the Burger King and was served every breakfast item I wanted for the people I was ordering for . And for the record it was after 11 when I walked into your competitors company . they did not seem to mind helping me .

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  4. Good morning I recently came across a video of one of your drive through Clerks humiliating a homeless person by throwing water on them. Who would I be able to send that to, so hopefully you guys could have to try to figure out which store he’s in and reprimand him

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  5. I just have one question. If youre dining in, I order 3 coffees, 2 small 1 large, plus breakfast, they ask me how many sugars I want. Well Im not sure really how many I will be using so I said give me 20 creamers and 20 sugars. She then says I can only give u 15 of each!! Well then why ask !!! Plus my coffee was very strong and sour. Now pancakes. 2 packages on each order I ask for another syrup was I supposed to get charged extra for syrup! This is del Rio TX MC where u have to ask for everything! Used to enjoyed having breakfast and having a good time with family well not anymore!

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  6. Why haven’t I got my wu2 from McDonald’s? I mean come on I have called and called and I can never get a hold of these people

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  7. Amherst Ohio has got to be the worst corporate run store I have been to.
    Extremely poor customer service and poor work ethics.
    A lot of fooling around, employees do acknowledge customers when waiting for a refill or mistake.
    Store is dirty and employees on their cell phones ignoring customers.
    My days of working with Corporate McDonald’s were nothing like it is now.
    As Management a tight ship was run and quality service was a must.
    Due to unskilled Management I can understand why over the Internet takes away from actual quality hiring.
    Meeting management was a great asset. Now quality hiring is “GONE!!!”

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  8. The store at 7400 North 30th Street in Omaha, NE is horrible. For one thing, the drive-thru menu is situated so it’s hard to read when you’re at the speaker to order. Even if it was in a better position, the glass is dirty or cloudy or something. The inside smells bad and is not very clean. Please have someone look into this and give the inner city a better establishment.

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  9. I deleted your McDonalds app. It was bad. It never worked at any restaurant in my area. Your wifi in your restaurants is the worst. App works at my home on my wifi – get to the restaurant and I can’t get a coupon. Always having difficulty connecting. You lived on my phone for six months. The cashiers in the restaurants in MA either don’t care, can’t speak English. I get a shoulder shrug. I’m going to Burger King. You guys are just awful.

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  10. I went to McDonald’s and I got the Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal. and it was way too delicious … it was so healthy because it was grilled and it was soo tasty and delicious I seriously think someone could easily get hurt by their taste buds exploding with joy.. people should have to sign a waver before eating it otherwise there’s a chance to be sued…

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  11. Why is it that employees work their butts off but only get 415 every 2 weeks. It’s not a family friendly job to have. After working there for 6 months a barley make enough for a family of 3 to get by week to week. Employees aren’t treated equally and we don’t receive any benefits bc the way that we are scheduled No one makes full time. It’s like being told that hard work is enough.

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  13. Visited your store in Easthampton Mass to buy the $1.00 coffee special. sounded like a great deal, ordered 4 large black hazelnut coffees. It was not real hazelnut, it was either waterdown or had a squirt of favor in it. A real true rip off.

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  14. Macdonald’s Egypt’s customer service is terrible. You should really save your money!
    no matter what I do or how I post a complaint, the only answer I get is that they’ll get back to me .. and they don’t!
    The food is over an hour and a half late , tested like rubber and the fries are soaked!
    yesterday I ordered with a group of friends and the order didn’t arrive at all !!
    after calling 2 times to ask about our order , the sent it without even an apology! we then refused to take it as it also took too long to reach us after our 3rd call !
    I sent an email to mac Egypt’s customer service and all I got was an automated reply.
    I don’t know what kind of business they’re running down here but it sure isn’t macdonald’s! !

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  15. I vist your store at 4202 Airport hwy Irving tx at 19:36 And order the mc.pick 2 meal and wanted the McRibs cashier inform me they don’t sell the McRibs anymore I pointed out to her that they still had it showing on the menu all she said was we don’t sell them anymore!! Well prior to that I was at same store bout week before had same problem I requested the manger on duty at the time she tell me they ran out 2 days before I said u need removed McRibs from the menu stop false advertising something u no longer have she just looks at me like a lost puppy
    Now week later (meaning today) I see still beening advertise on menu and i have pictures of the McRibs on the windows of buildings and at the main counter I took pictures of em all too
    Iam outraged as a customer beening lied too and when I complained to manger and nothing happens except beening treated like a fool
    I will never used that store again till something is done bout this suitation!!!!!
    Hopefully I’ll hear from someone soon bout this !!!
    Yours truly McRib man
    Thank u
    Alan Martin

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  16. I would like to know why McDonald’s has to be open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
    isn’t this one time that all families be together.

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  17. I live in the area around this location and they are not short on issues . Now I don’t know if it’s due to poor management pratice, but on multiple occasions I have come and received poor service. At one point I visited this location which is 24 hours and I was informed that they weren’t serving burgers which is a McDonald’s staple. On several occasions I have been told that they don’t have Apple pies no matter what time you visit this location. Now as a former employee of a McDonald’s location I don’t feel like the job is as difficult as this location makes it seem. I believe customer service is a big deal and this location lacks it in every aspect. There is no contact info posted to voice concerns to the owner or management at this location. I do believe this location had the potential to be better with the help of people who care.
    Store: 2020 Candler rd Decatur ga 30032

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  18. I am asking you a question about why you do not have eggnog shake on holidays or peppermint shake on a holiday also I wanted to let you know that your Ilion New York branch has issues like using your cell phone whenever you feel like it, bad back talk to the customers, not very maintained, really clean only when they probably know ahead of time that somebody’s coming to inspect the place it’s somewhat appropriate clean but not thoroughly clean

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  19. I visited Store #35654 at 6:18am Dec 13, 2016 this morning with my daughter, which we do on a weekly basis. This morning the young lady behind the counter was obviously in a bad mood (not our problem), she was very slow in getting our order taken and then when four other men walked in to order their breakfast she quickly shouted “Oh my God”, then she preceded to the back of the store and ignored the gentlemen until they finally left and she laughed about it. While this was all taking place, the cashier and another employee were using quite to foul language in front of other waiting customers. This is not my first bad experience at this location either. They want a higher minimum wage, then show some intelligence for goodness sake and little courtesy while they are at it.

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  20. I visited the mcdonalds in lebanon tn on west main st and the temperature for the past two times inside the play area is 37 degrees. There is always a birthday party with numerous decorations for customers not to be able to have room to sit. Which occupies half of the play area. Plus you hear a person blowing up balloons the whole time with a machine.

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  21. At 2 pm 11/21/2016 I visited your store in Clinton Ms 39056. No one was at the register yet there were 12 employees in the store. I waited 10 minutes in line and still no one attempted to take my order or even look in my direction. Orders were being taken and served at the window. I finally turned and left with NO intent of returning or ever buying from your company again. This store has had complaints galore posted on local websites and will most likely not remain in business in this town of 20000 plus residents. Rudeness and incompetence in service to the public is greatly disliked and frowned on in this town. You stand to lose a lot of money since this is a College town and even they are shunning buying from you. NO EXCUSE FOR THE RUDE NON SERVICE TODAY. ALL SHOULD BE FIRED AND A REVAMP OF THE STORE DONE WITH COMPETENT CARING EMPLOYEES HIRED.

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  22. I visited the McDonald’s on main street in Grand Prairie Texas last night, and I will never visit that location again. Myself and my five kids and 3 grandkids will never visit any McDonald’s again as long as I live! I have never been so angry! You had the filet of fish on sale 2 for 5 dollars but evidently they are not on sale anymore, however you didn’t have it removed from the board yet which was OK with me. My oldest son got irate and said no mom that’s false advertisement, I told him pick something else. He said fine bit I’m calling Corp and complaining. He asked for the manager, who was so rude that now I was getting irate. She refused to give her us her name, she refused to give us the store number and when we went to go find it on the door or somewhere she came out cussing in front of my children. I am a Christian and that language won’t be tolerated in front of my children. It was about 8pm Wed night. All I can say is from now on I will be at Jack in the Box or Taco Bell, or any other fast food place BUT McDonald’s. I’m also going to let the Sunday service at my church know about this location and their non-Christian like behavior and recommend that they and everyone I know no longer use McDonald’s. Thank you.And try to hire better people, this is past ridiculous.

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    • I can’t believe what I had to go here to say that something is wrong!! I went to the McDonalds on grand river in Redford and they had no Big Mac Sauce at 9:54pm!! I went to 5 mile and middlebelt and they had plenty of big max sauce??? I’m confused wouldn’t you have enough at all your stores??

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  23. My husband and I stopped last night for a drink at your Pendleton,IN location. I went to the restroom and when I went to get some toilet paper, the holder came slamming down on top of my forehead. It hurt and just about knocked me out. It took a few seconds before I could even get my thoughts back. After talking to one of the young gals in charge, I get “Oh that happen to you too, it’s happen to others and we have had trouble with it” I told her 3 times to shut that stall off before someone sues them over it. She filled out an accident report and said she’d shut it off. I went back today to see if anything was done, NOPE. and it still comes open when you touch it. How dangerous! I was close to being knocked out. If that would of been someone older or light headed, it would of taken them out. Very dangerous! The place on my fore head is very tender and if I Bend over it hurts. This is a serious matter and something needs to be done soon. Before someone is hurt badly.

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