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Facebook Corporate Office & Headquarters Info.

Facebook is the largest online social media network in the United States and in the world. The company started in 2004 and went public in 2012. The company was started by Mark Zuckerberg and fellow Harvard College students and roommates, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.

The corporate headquarters in Menlo Park, California house all US Facebook employees and the executive team.

Facebook Headquarters Contacts.

The original Facebook headquarters is now in Menlo Park, California, after moving from Palo Alto, California.

Facebook Corporate Office Address.

Facebook 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park, CA 94025


Facebook Board of Directors Address.

Facebook Corporate Secretary 1601 Willow Rd. Menlo Park, CA 94025

Facebook Headquarters Phone Number.

Contact Facebook at their headquarters at: 1-650-308-7300.

Facebook Customer Service Number: 1-650-543-4800

Facebook Email Contact.

The Facebook corporate office doesn’t have a dedicated email address, but you can contact the company through their Facebook page. If your account has been disabled, you can email disabled@facebook.com.

Facebook Website: The Facebook website for investors relations, company info and news can be found at Newsroom.Fb.com

Facebook Headquarters
The main Facebook Headquarters Campus at Menlo Park. California.
facebook corporate office
The new main Headquarters building, MPK20, is located across the street from the main corporate campus. Frank Gehry designed the 430,000 square-foot open-floor building for 2,800 employees, with Mark Zuckerberg’s desk right in the middle.

Facebook Headquarters Executive Team.

The Facebook Board members are:

  • Mark Zuckerberg – Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Founder
  • Sheryl Sandberg – Chief Operating Officer
  • Marc Andreessen
  • Erskine Bowles
  • Susan Desmond-Hellman
  • Donald Graham
  • Reed Hastings
  • Peter Thiel

Facebook Owned Brands.

Facebook has bought more than 56 brands in their company history.

Among them are:

  • FriendFeed
  • Divvyshot
  • Drop.io
  • Oculus VR
  • Pebbles
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Lightbox.com
  • Karma
  • Hot Studio.

How to Complain to Facebook.

If you are a social media user, then there is no direct way to contact Facebook (speak to a human). You will need to report the post, profile or photo in the correct category to get it removed. Sometimes the reported content does not get removed as it’s not considered violating Facebook’s terms.

For more details on Facebook’s complaint and removal procedures, please visit Report on Facebook.

Reports say that calling the customer service number with a complaint can be difficult, as it is hard to get through. Alternatively, voice your complaint on the official Facebook Page or Twitter Page.

Facebook Resources.

Feel free to share your Facebook experiences, or complaints, in the comment section.

Facebook Headquarters
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29 Comments on Facebook Headquarters

  1. I have tried on two occasions to recover my account by acquiring the 3 codes from my trusted contacts. I do not have immediate access to the internet on a reliable basis. I’m frequently in remote locations without internet access. I truly would like to recover the account for myself, Tracie A. Goodchild. I can’t ask a question in your help forum without logging in, and I can’t log in. Are you able to help, please?

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  2. My Facebook account is blocked as Identification is to be verified. It has been two months now. I have uploaded a copy of my state identification and uploaded a picture of myself via my cellphone. My account is still blocked. I cannot submit an complaint, grieve not redress the issue because my account is not disabled. I have a constitutional right to complain, redress, and grieve. The due process clause contains a substantive component that bars certain arbitrary, wrongful government action “regardless of the fairness of the procedures used to implement them”. See Daniels v. Williams, 474 u.s. 327, 331, 88 L.Ed. 2d,106 s.ct. 662 (1986).

    Justices Rutledge and Murphy in the latter case argued that the due process clause applies to every human being, including enemy belligerents. See Johnson v. Eisentrager,339 u.s.763 (1950);Yamashita, 327 u.s.(1946). I ask respectfully to have my facebook account unblocked immediately.

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  3. Facebook still hasn’t enabled my account after I sent all my documents. Is Facebook scamming people for their information?

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  4. Hi my name is Kate I received a message from Tracey Louis claiming I won on the Facebook lottery and now she is texting me asking me for personal info. Real or scam?

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    • Hi Kaitlyn. This is most definately a scam. Never divulge your personal information to strangers online. The so-called “Facebook Lottery” is a commonly used scam.

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  5. Henrietta threatened she could have my account deleted or blocked because of her friends who work for Facebook
    I reported her threatening comments and they reviewed ( Facebook) the comments and as she threatened I was deleted for a comment I made ( a reply), to her in which I stated that “threatening comments the she like everyone else had to follow FB rules and guidelines like everyone else regardless of friendships with FB employees,” I further stated she had ” jeopardized ” the jobs of her FB employee friends by using them to delete people simply because she requested them to do so.
    Mark Zuckerberg is it possible that people far removed from your office/ desk are in fact “sabotaging ” FB policies.
    I will follow up with correspondence directly to Mr. Zuckerberg.
    Thank you for your time and consideration

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  6. Facebook disabled my account after 8 year’s for not using my real name.Facebook wants me to use the name I go by in my everyday life. Brody Bangz is the name that I go by in my everyday life my birthday is January 3rd. And it’s a major insult to say that my name isn’t fit for Facebook. The name I used was my nickname that all my friends and family know me by in my personal life. I never pretended to be anyone other than myself. The reason for me not using my real name is that I’ve been stalked and physical abused before. Facebook is the only way that I can communicate with my love one’s in a different country. So I ask that you please enable my account so I can speak to my love one’s. Thanks

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  7. On 1/4/17 I rec’d an email from Facebook stating that I had been reported as an impersonator on FB and directed to submit ID, etc. for security reasons. I responded to the email requesting that my FB account be closed immediately. Upon investigating FB policies, I can only accomplish closing my account by re-establishing myself with FB. I refuse to do this as I’m not certain whether this was actually FB or FB’s fake. I’m fed up with FB and will have nothing else to do with this online social media organization.

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  8. Facebook removed my two groups with more than 140.000 members for no reason. We do not violate FB guidelines. A lot of our members reported to FB via normal process and so far nothing they even closed our reports. We want to send a letter to FB department responsible to manage the FB groups. Could anyone help me on this?

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  9. A couple of months ago Facebook asked me to send them my id to prove my identity because someone reported me as a fake. I sent my government id and school id. And still have not been able to regain access to my page. I’ve done everything you all asked and NOTHING. Please help get my id verified so I can once again access my account.

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    • I just yesterday had the same thing happen to me, Cierra. I don’t understand why this is happening and I really don’t know what to do. I have not sent my ID, because I don’t see why anyone would question my authenticity, if they read my profile. I wonder if this is a scam? Help anyone???

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  10. I have block my Facebook account its say confirm you are the Facebook owner.last 5 years I’m use this Facebook but now how can I Confirm now I’m the owner, if there is my phone number and my email address is there, I send my passport copy to help centre but no respond for them, I don’t want to loss my Facebook account, And in Facebook rules there is not Manson we can’t use our mother language name.so please kindly highly recommend request to Facebook help centre to fix this account as soon possibility they have., thank you for expertly and expect help and support.
    Mohamud Salam nesham
    The owner of সপ্ন সুখের রাজপুত্র account,
    Mohamud Salam nesham

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    • Dear sir,

      I was trying for thw last 5 hr to contact customer care and help line but I didn’t get any response for help line, I’m very upset about my account because I don’t want to Loss my account, please kindly help me to fix, I will be greatful to the Facebook company.

      Thank you,Sincerely,
      Mohamud Salam Neshan

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  11. I WAS RECENTLY HACKED. I have been posting videos, documentaries about veterans that were deported. Someone was going and removing them I kind of picked up on it. Finally I joined a new group went thru some hoops to get an ok on the post and it was oked. Later when I approach the admin that the pst disappeared he said yes he went to click on the link and it disappeared. I found it on my activity log and reposted and tag the same admin guy. he then contacted me it was an anti… post and I went against his group. I got blocked completely and kicked out of the group. I contacted FB complaint, later to be told they have to respect the privacy and account of FB members. My point now who respected my privacy and account? I had a problem with my Twitter account apparently rules were violated from my account, as I explained to the staff I was in the middle east when those tweets were made. Someone had accessed them from New York and he was Russian. They took care of it. Here on Facebook staff they have shown that they do not give a who about it. Just wanted to share that. Thank you.

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  12. I have several accounts under the same name I want you to delete. I cannot recall the password or username. Please destroy them.

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    • I also have three facebook accounts I want to delete and following the guided instructions has been useless please delete them #help!!!

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      • Jessica. to delete you Facebook account permanently, log in to your account and go here: https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account
        When you delete your account, It may take up to 90 days from the beginning of the deletion process to delete all of the things you’ve posted, like your photos, status updates or other data stored in backup systems. While Facebook are deleting this information, it is inaccessible to other people using Facebook.
        Some of the things you do on Facebook aren’t stored in your account. For example, a friend may still have messages from you even after you delete your account. Of a friend may have uploaded pictures with you in them and tagged them with you name. That information remains after you delete your account.

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  13. How dare facebook take my page down when the their employees hacked my page and tried to scam with romance scams and lottery scams. They screwed up my page and email one your employees Richard Vernon and Larry White. I saved the text. Someone came through hangouts claimingto be mark zuckerberg saying I won $500.000. Please help my name is Karen Pinkett and my number is [BLOCKED]-

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  14. I’ve been contacted by a person named Ceralyn Perril Shampine who claims to represent Facebook for a contest, requiring Five hundred dollars to receive the prize award from Facebook! My name is Stephen Harris@3109369859! I purported to her that a bank to bank money transfer for the six hundred and fifty thousand dollar prize award would facilitate said award being submitted to myself! She says that sending five hundred dollars to her will assure award provided by Facebook! Is this so?

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      • A video has been sent from a Facebook account but we need the confirmation on who actually sent that video.is it the Facebook account holder or somebody has hacked the account and sent the video.

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  15. Facebook is a complete violation of the first amendment “freedom of speech” it amazes me that there is so much smut, trash, pictures that are totally disgusting yet you share a picture that someone else has created and been floating around Facebook since Donald Trump started his undeniable bigoted campaign smearing all and any ethnicity, race, creed, religion and anyone else that calls him out on his lies and misrepresentation of the truth. That man wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in his comb-over fat face. And it has been fact checked constantly showing beyond a doubt that he is nothing but a Con Artist bully just like his daddy was. Well recently a picture of him with puckered up lips appeared on my news feed. I didn’t create it nor do I know where it came from someone had created the image then it had been viewed by tens of thousands and shared by an unknown amount of people. I’m a God fearing Christian who primarily uses my page to keep up with family living throughout the United states, my children, Grand children, and old friends from school I’m a 55 year old disabled veteran who shares the gospel and if anyone was to view my page it would be filled with devotions, scriptures, and pictures and comments of and about my fiance who passed away June 17th 2013. My page is God rated due to all I of my grandkids read my posts and I’m a better person then that to post inappropriate content on my page. Well when I saw this picture of the master manipulator Donald Trump spewing more lies I shared that picture again I DIDN’T CREATE IT OR HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT I JUST THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY AND KNEW IT HAD BEEN FLOATING AROUND FOR OVER A YEAR, so yesterday I go on my acctount to post my daily devotionals and get a message that I have been suspended for 3 days for posting abusive content REALLY ? You must be kidding me i share someone else’s picture and I GET SUSPENDED like I’m some school age child getting a slap on my wrist for posting a picture that was not offensive or abusive in any way shape or form and there is no phone # associated with a multi billionaire dollar company. I guess Mark Zuckerberg either is a Trump supporter or has ignorant staff that supports him because I have seen way more disturbing pictures posted about Hillary Clinton and all 9 of the woman who have come forward with claims of being groped by Trump. If it wasn’t for us the users Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out yet now that he’s a multi million possibly billionaire he no longer needs us nor does he care about our 1st amendment right to freedom of speech and he and or his staff is judge jury and executioners and picks and closes what is good or bad. Well I say if he doesn’t want to give us customer service where we can voice our frustrations or file our complaints the we should ban together and boycott Facebook causing his stocks to plummet maybe then he might decide that it’s because of us that he’s where he is today, he seems to forget without all of us he’s NOTHING so please voice your opinion because it’s pretty sad and petty to suspend someone for sharing a picture that was not only not created by me but has been on Facebook for over a year. Why don’t they find the creator if it’s that bad, which its not and suspend that person instead of some innocent guy who thought it was funny and privately shared it with like minded people

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  16. There is a malfunction on Facebook that is ruining my life and I cannot get it resolved because there is no way to address complaints such as this which are more complicated than what are listed in customer relations. There was a photo tagged of me in 2014 from which I removed the tag in 2014. The original photo WITHOUT A TAG is in the owner’s pictures. I have blocked him, but when I deactivate my account, the tagged photo remains in public search results by my name on the tag. This picture should not be up in public search. Removing it from public search does not violate any copyright laws because the owner of the picture still has it on his own page. The reason I want the picture removed is because it shows me hugging him when we dated for a week, at a time before I knew that he had extremist political and religious views, and therefore I am now forever associated with his extremist political opinions that I totally disagree with, in front of the whole world, because his own pages are public. I untagged this picture in 2014. It should not ever have been visible in public search. PLEASE CONTACT ME TO HAVE THIS PICTURE REMOVED FROM PUBLIC SEARCH, PLEASE. And a company with billions of customers which has so much money should not be so hard to interact with or get a response from when there is a problem. You should have a phone number that is actually answered when someone calls.

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  17. Unable to get my complaint posted. I use my pen name and its part of my Facebook page, for years. I’ve just received a notice about my name, and I’m being asked for a social security number, Identification such as drivers license, credit card, bank statement, utility bill. I’m in shock! This has to be a hoax, my FB page is not a fraud, I’m not a fake and I’m unable to post a complaint. Unable to call or get through the business lines. Please explain to me what is going on?

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