Costco Headquarters

Costco Headquarters and Corporate Offices.

See the Costco Corporate office contact details here.

Learn how to contact the Costco Headquarters by mail, phone and email and see the full executive team.

Costco Wholesale is an American warehouse bulk retailer. It is the largest membership-only warehouse club in the United States, and also the second largest retailer in the world, with 706 wordwide outlets.

Costco Headquarters.

The Costco company has 2 different mail addresses for their corporate office. The Seattle address is meant for customer queries, whereas the Issaquah address is used for corporate correspondence.

Costco Corporate Office Addresses.


Costco Headquarters

P.O. Box 34331 Seattle, WA 98124


Costco Headquarters

999 Lake Dr. Issaquah, WA 98027


Costco Headquarters Phone Number:

The Costco Corporate Office phone number is: 1-425-313-8100.

The members only customer service phone number is: 1-800-774-2678


Costco Headquarters Email.

We have found no corporate email address for Costco, but you can use their customer care email form, to direct emails to the company. Costco also has a dedicated customer service email address, which is:


Costco Headquarters Website:

The closest, that Costco has to a corporate website is their Investors Relations page, which lists their Investors Relations contact information and email address at It also lists the pgone and fax numbers of their Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Costco Headquarters
The Costco Headquarters at Lake Dr. Issaquah, Washington.

The Costco Executive Team.

These key leaders are all members of the Costco executive team.

W. Craig Jelinek – President and CEO

Richard A. Galanti – Chief Financial Officer

Joseph P. Portera – Exec VP/COO:Eastern & Canadian

Dennis R. Zook – Exec VP/COO:Southwest & Mexico

Jeffrey H. Brotman

Pat Callans

Roger A. Campbell

Richard C. Chavez

John B. Gaherty

Jaime Gonzalez

Bruce A. Greenwood

Ginnie M. Roeglin

Timothy L. Rose

Yoram Rubanenko

Doug W. Schutt

John Thelan

Robert D. Hicok

Dennis A. Hoover

Dennis Knapp

Franz Lazarus

Jeffrey Long

Jeffrey Lyons

John McKay

Russ Miller

Ali Moayeri

Paul G. Moulton

James P. Murphy

Rich Olin

David S. Petterson

Pierre Riel

Ron Vachris


Costco Brands and Trademarks.

These are some of Costco trademarked brand names:

Kirkland Signature is Costco’s private label.

Costco Auto.

Costco travel.

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Costco Headquarters
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18 Comments on Costco Headquarters

  1. I would like to praise Aaron Werner for his complete and undivided attention to my problem.
    He is an employee who has all the qualities of being a perfect employee. He helped me with my problem within in minutes where other Customer Service Reps. promise it was fixed, but were not. This gentlemen deserves a raise or promotion.

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  2. I just had a horrible experience with Costcos bank of the Internet. do not ever use them for home mortgages a refinancing. You are responsible for doing all of your own paperwork it was a huge hassle and after 3 people looked at my credit and promised me a specific rate in even lot 2.75 percent, told me know they could not give me the rate that they promised me…. worst experience I’ve ever had in my life

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  3. I love Costco and have been a loyal customer for a few years with zero complaints but the new credit card arrangement is turning into a fiasco. I’am diligent in paying off all my monthly bills entirely to avoid extra finance charges and fees but recently I’ve seen charges of interest on my bill for purchases on the account well before the bill is due. I recently bought about about $35 worth of gas and was charged a fee of about $3.50 on the purchase. That’s a 10% surcharge on my purchase and not a pleasant billing development. It makes no sense in having a % cash back award if the credit card vendor representing Costco is charging a surcharge on sales and purchases. I don’t know if other customer realized this on their bill but I quickly did.

    Hopefully this issue is quickly resolved by Costco. In the meantime I will use other payment options and be disgruntled about not racking up the annual cash back award.



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    • J Stroman, I had charges to my new Citibank credit card when I paid the bill off in full two times. I had to call Citibank and have it removed both times. Therefore we do not use the card anymore.

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  4. At Wisconsin Menominee falls star
    I wanted to return my king mattress with two full mattresses today at Costco .. but they refused because I returned mattresses before and I’m making Costco loose money !!!!!
    While I have ten years warranty
    I called this #(866) 660-7800.. and they assured that I can return them and take my money back !!
    Because I have ten years warranty ..

    I bought them before two years
    First I can from overs seas and don’t know the sizes here in USA
    I bought two twin and one queen
    I changed them with
    One king and two full..
    The second time the spring boxes of the two full sets were low from one side for both so I rented a U-Haul and I change them for that reason.

    Now the king size is causing me back pain I don’t feel comfortable when I wake up .. and kids too..

    Today I was really disappointed of how the manager speaking with me about the money so what is my warranty for !?
    Im really disappointed this is the first time someone makes me cry because he said the word ( abusing) to me because i want to return the mattress!! And making him lose money!

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    • Israa, A warranty is for a manufacturing defect. If you do not like the product within the first 30-60 days, by all means return the mattress. If you selected the wrong sizes because you do not know US mattress sizes – just think about what that costs Costco. Costco is not able to resell returned mattress – for any reason. So your mistake costs them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. At some point you need to take personal resonsibility for your purchases. You are abusing the system, and yes, you are costing Costco lots of money.

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  5. I don’t know if you are aware of this or not but your credit card company, CITI Bank, is one of the main shareholders, supporters of the Dakota Access Project in North Dakota. People are boycotting any businesses that are connected to this project. In fact when asked to get a CITI card when I was in your store I almost went ahead and got it and then realized who it was with and didn’t. As people connect this they may not use the card or boycott Costco for ‘supporting’ DAPL. Just a heads up. I don’t know how far most people will go in their support of the water protectors.

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  6. I have applied for a job via your career website. Can you tell me who i may contact at the HR office in orlando

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  7. Good Morning!!😊 I would like to know how does the pay advance works at Costco? Is it for certain employees or is it for all? Thanks

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  8. I have a complaint I would like to bring to your attention regarding your store located at 14555 Valley Center Dr, Victorville, CA 92395. At the main entrance of this store there is a wall that extends or protrude in such a way that it blocks customer’s view of the on-coming traffic, when they leave the parking lot. This wall is situated around a curve. The cars on the street are coming fast around this curve. This wall is approximately 6ft. to 8ft. long by 8ft. high. It lies at a 90 degree and perpendicular to an existing wall. I would like to see this small section of wall taken down because its just a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt in an accident. It is an accident waiting to happen. The solution is simple, but its a matter that requires your attention.
    Thank You
    R. Acosta

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  9. It was so ridiculous experience with Costco CORPORATE personnel when approached for help. I had been an executive member for past 12 years and today had a situation that I could not go and my wife went to Chantilly Costco, VA. Every time we both go. She is the secondary member on my card until two years back when my daughter started college I switched my wife’s membership to my daughter. However today, when I called the store manager asked for help by allowing my wife to do the shopping because I was held up with my work and tomorrow being a holiday. However the store manager bluntly rejected my request reading me the rule that she has to be a member on my card. I told him that I never had this kind of situation during my past 12 years and I requested him to allow my wife today only. But of no use. Then I called the corporate office and talked to different personnel including some supervisors. Again they read the same rules that the manager has told me. I do not understand what kind of customer service this is. Do we appreciate that they are strict followers of the rules? Then if everything goes well 100% what is the use of Corporate office and the store manager. The corporate office personnel are more than happy to cancel my membership than asking their own store manager to allow my wife for one day.

    Other competitors are better than this. Even though we are not their members at all, they allow us to do shopping for one day. Even I got 90 days of free membership.

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    • Sastry, fraud is the reason why corporations have these rules in place. These rules are in place to protect you the customer from fraud.

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    • Sastry,

      I have sent the following email to customer service:

      To whom it may concern,

      I was recently in a Costco North Carolina location and I was denied any purchases from your store because I was not on the cardholders account. Before I go any further, I understand that your company has policy’s in place for a reason and I can respect that. However we have been customers of yours for years, spent thousands there I’m sure. I was trying to do a favor for my 75 year old mother and spent an hour finding everything she needed only to come to this upsetting conclusion. I asked the manager if she would call the cardholder to authorize this, I also showed her my license with the same last name as well as the debt card I would be using with the cardholders name on it. I was again denied. The member was very upset by this news and is questioning whether or not to continue doing business with your company. I am pretty frustrated myself, I am a young man myself and the items I was attempting to purchase did not appear to benefit me in any way. In other words I wasn’t purchasing flat screens or computers. It was paper towels and chicken broth. I mean really…get over yourselves, its not that exclusive. Your prices aren’t even that great…My Mother will be contacting the store herself, but I just thought I would let someone know that our experience with your store sucked, and that YELP is a powerful thing. I know a powerful corporation may not care of the ramblings of a random customer, but the public listen to each other and value the opinions of other citizens. That’s it, have a nice day…

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  11. I was on my facebook page and popped up and said to win a $300.00 coupon, just complete a survey. I completed the survey and it said i won the $300.00 and that I would receive a notification by way of email and I have not received anything as of yet. I have 15 of my friends asking me if this is real. What do I tell them??

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