Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Number

Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Numbers.

List of all Boost Mobile Customer Care phone numbers, email addresses, mail addresses and contact methods.

See how to contact a live person at Boost Mobile quickly and easily, and view all other ways to contact the company’s customer care department.

Boost Mobile has several customer care phone numbers available, for different purposes. If you already have a Boost mobile phone, you can dial 611 from your mobile phone handset to be connected to the customer care hotline.

Boost Mobile is a cheap and pre-paid mobile phone service, so the company cuts costs by under-manning their customer service and it can take time to get through to a live person.

Boost Mobile Customer Service phone numbers.

Boost MobileĀ  Customer Care Hotline: 1-888-266-7848
Boost Mobile Customer Service Number: 1-866-402-7366
Boost Mobile Customer Support Number – Alternative: 1-866-434-6295
Boost Mobile Online Orders Phone Number: 1-800-467-0890


The primary customer support phone number for Boost Mobile is: 1-888-266-7848

The Boost Mobile Customer Service hours are: Mon-Fri 4 am-8 pm, Sat-Sun 4 am-7 pm PST.

How to get through to a live person at Boost Mobile:

Call: 1-888-266-7848

Wait for the recorded message to go to English
Press 5
Press 2
Press 4
Wait through all of the menu options, and then wait a few seconds longer until you are asked if you want to talk to a representative.
Press 0
Press 2

Boost Mobile Customer Service Email Address.

Boost has two different customer service email address that you can contact:

You can also contact Boost Costumer Care representatives by sending a private message in the Boost Community Forum.

Boost Mobile Recharge/ReBoost.

This is how you can refill your prepaid account directly from your mobile phone, plus check your balance and more.

For English Users, one of the commands below to 7225, bys SMS:


  • BAL
    To receive your account balance information
  • ADD(space)Re-Boost PIN#
    For example: ADD 12345678912345
  • PAY(space)AMT(space)Last 4 digits of registered debit/credit card
    For example: PAY 50 1234
  • HELP
    For information on available keywords.

Boost Mobile Phone Activation.

The quickest wat to activate your new Boost Mobile is to use the online activation service.

Simply visit the activation page, choose an option and enter your mobile device’s serial number.

Alternatively, call the Boost Mobile Activation phone number on 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848) from another phone.

You need your phone’s IMEI number or SIM ID number when you call. Your SIM ID number is printed on the back of the credit card sized SIM card holder. The IMEI number is usually located behind the battery.

If you are setting up a new Boost account, then wait for the prompt to select a new number or to import your existing number. Follow the prompts to enter the IMEI or SIM ID on the keypad.

Boost Mobile Customer Care Live Chat.

Boost only provides Live Chat customer service to Australian customers, here. It is not available for American customers.

Boost Mobile Community Forum.

The company operates a very active community help forum, where new customers can post a question and existing customers and customer care representatives can answer. The search function is excellent and this is often the fastest way to find an answer to a problem. You can also contact a representative directly by sending a private forum message.

The forum can be found here.

Boost Mobile Twitter Customer Service.

An alternative way to complain or to contact the Boost Help service with a question is by tweeting your issue to @boostcare.

You can find the Boost Twitter Care account here.

Boost Mobile Resources.

Boost Twitter Care.

Boost Mobile on Facebook.

Boost Community Forum.

Boost Mobile Store Locator.

Please share your experiences with, or complaints about, the Boost Mobile Customer Service, in the comment section.

Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Number
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6 Comments on Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Number

  1. It take the longest to talk to someone.Why I can’t be help I purchased a iPhone 5s 2014 with full coverage insurance $175.00 I paid upfront and i bought my phone the same day Now that saying I don’t have insurance. I called the insurance company and they said boost took my claim off September 2 2016 I didn’t do it.i don’t know how to do it.The boost retailers store in Charlotte nc 28203 remount rd and south tryon.They are running scams on people black people at that I don’t want to even do business with them anymore they owed me $175 for my insurance there taken our money something has to be done this is some bullshit.

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  2. Why do you people have phone numbers for customers to talk to real people, when in fact you can’t talk to a real person? What is going on with that? But you sure take my money fast enough. I’m very disappointed in this company.

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  3. I have been a boost mobile for 7 years now. They have the worst customer care service I have ever dealt with. They never want to solve any issues that you may have. Always they do is keep putting you on hold and transferring you from one person to another. After about an hour or so. They will hang up on you and you just have to call them back. And go through the whole ordeal again. One more phone call. And if they hang up on me again. I will go back to Verizon. I would rather pay a little more. And get someone to talk to a qualified customer service agent. Without the run around and without them hanging up on me. Boost Mobile is the worst cell phone company I have ever dealt with!!!!

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  4. Do not buy a phone from them they are scamming people! I bought a phone and 6 months later it was messing up so I called they transferred me to Samsung for my warranty well guess what that warranty was expired a month before I bought it ! Now mind you I paid 300 for it and it was supposed to be brand new

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  5. I have a Extraordinary idea to raise Regional sales within the Boost Mobile company/Sprint they need to talk to me let’s make cell phone history …who do I need to talk to (marketing director) I’m waiting

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  6. Crappy customer service! Was with this company for a couple years. No problem moved across town and my service never picked up ever again. Im out of a whole month of service!

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