Bank of America Customer Service Phone Number

Bank of America Customer Service Phone Numbers and Contacts.

List of all Bank of America Customer Service phone numbers and contacts, including the BofA Customer Support numbers for Credit Cards, Savings Accounts, Mortgages and Bank of America Online Banking.

Bank of America (or BofA) is an American Bank headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the 2nd largest bank holding company in the United States in terms of by assets.

There are numerous ways to contact the Bank of America Customer Service. The preferred method is to call their official BofA Customer Service number on 1-800-432-1000, but if you know which department you need, then you can save time by calling directly to those departments, You can also contact Bank of America with Live Chat, by email and mail, and via social media like Twitter.

Bank of America Customer Service Phone Numbers.

Bank of America Customer service number: 1-800-432-1000

Bank of America Customer service number – Alternative: 1-877-231-9327


Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

Bank of America Spanish Language Customer Service Number:  1-800-222-7365

Bank of America Technical Support number: 1-800-933-6262

Bank of America Bill Pay, Sitekey number: 1-800-933-622


Bank of America Credit Cards Customer Service:
Bank of America credit card support: 1-800-732-9194

Bank of America credit card, lost or stolen, phone number: 1-800-732-9194

Bank of America credit card activation: 1-800-276-9939

Bank of America International Collect phone number: 1-757-677-4701

Bank of America Credit card agents number: 1-800-421-2110


Bank of America Online Banking Support.

Bank of America Online Banking customer service phone number: 1-800-933-6262

For Online ID issues, select 1

For Bill Pay issues, select 3

For Technical Support, select 5

Bank of America Mobile Banking Customer phone number: 1-800-933-6262

Bank of America Mobile Text Banking Customer Support number: 1-800-604-9961


Bank of America Mortgage and Loans phone numbers:

Bank of America Existing Mortgages number: 1-800-669-6607

Bank of America New Mortgages number: 1-800-270-5746

Bank of America Existing Credit Lines  and Loans phone number:1-800-934-5626

Bank of America New Credit Lines  and Loans phone number: 1-800-779-3894


Bank of America Auto Loans customer service phone number:

Bank of America Auto Loans phone number: 1-800-215-6195


Bank of America CD and IRA customer service phone number:

Bank of America CD amd IRS phone number: 1-888-827-1812

Bank of America Bankruptcy Department phone number: 1-800-669-5224


Bank of America Small Business Customer Service.

Bank of America Small Business Customer Service phone number: 1-888-287-4637

Bank of America Small Business Customer Online Banking number: 1-888-758-5972

Bank of America Small Business Customer Payroll number: 1-888-606-4545


Bank of America Customer Service Address.

The postal addresses of BofA’s customer service are:

Suite 6001, PO Box 803126,
Dallas, TX 75380

Overnight or FedEx deliveries can be sent to
Suite 6001, TX1-160-06-20,
1950 N Stemmons Fwy,
Dallas, TX 75207.


The BofA corporate office address is:

Bank of America Corporate Center.
100 North Tryon Street.
Charlotte, NC 28255.

Bank of America Customer Live Chat Support.

Bank of America has a chat support system available at their Contact Us page. Choose a subject from the drop down list, and you will see the Chat option on the right side of the page, if it is available for that product.

We don’t know of any working Customer Service email addresses for Bank of America. You can, however, contact BofA Customer Service with a private message through their Facebook App.

Bank of America Customer Service Resources.

Bank of America Twitter Help   @bankofamerica or @Bofa_help

Bank of America on Facebook.

Bank of America Get Help Facebook App

Bank of America Locations Finder

Bank of America Help and FAQ.

Please share your experiences with Bank of America customer support, in the comment section.

Bank of America Customer Service Phone Number
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9 Comments on Bank of America Customer Service Phone Number

  1. This is for the Mortgage Department.

    I have never in all my years of having a mortgage with different Mortgage companies and have gone thru several refinances have I ever had anyone not pay the home insurance from escrow until I refinanced with BoA.

    Call center tried to tell me it was not included in the Escrow. I called the Escrow company – they confirmed it was. (Which I already knew because I had my paperwork sitting in front of me. I am sick of your automated loop call system trying to get through to get this fixed.

    I am one ticked off Customer as my insurance is being canceled by 12:01am 1/4/17. I will shout it from the roof tops and where ever I can to let everyone know what type of shoddy service BoA gives to their mortgage customers and I will also put in a complaint to the BBB.

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  2. This is for the claims department. My account has been compromised and my account looks messed up. Fix the charges on my claim. Today. You have been a great help. Until this morning. You know which ones I didn’t do and what charges are related to this problem. Been with BOA since 1995. I want my account straighted out right away.

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  3. I just wanted to thank you guys for all of your hard work. People tend to take for granted the amazing services that Bank of America provides. These services allow me to easily access my money wherever I am and I am grateful for that. I have had nothing but friendly, helpful assistance during the rare times when I have needed to speak directly with customer support. I just spoke with a representative out of California named Kimberly and she was nice enough to expedite a replacement credit card to me overnight. I’m sure you guys are constantly dealing with angry and demanding customers, so I thought it would be a nice change for you to get some much deserved appreciation instead. Thanks for everything!

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  4. I am Bank of America customer (home banking) for many years. I have been on vacation travelling abroad and I had informed BofA about this travel and my use of BofA services. Since the last three weeks I am having problems frequently in accessing my BofA Online services (I go to the BofA Online website and nothing happens when I click to “Sign In”. I am very displeased with this poor and bad service and I am worried about paying my On-line bills on time. It is a shame to have such a big bank with such unreliable services. I suggest that BofA replace their old computer systems with new, reliable and efficient one. Give be an executive level job position and I assure I can enhance the overall quality, effectiveness and profits of this bank. Frank ahmad B.S. B.S M.B.A. D.SE

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  5. I visited the Phoenix 32nd and Bell location to pay monthly rent. There was only one teller so understandably there was a wait. However, during the 20 minutes I was in line, I was twice recommended to use a different location 15 minutes away with another wait probably 10 to 15 minutes. This was rude to try and send me away, and I was the only person in line asked to do this. I feel I was picked out for my age, everyone else was easily 40+. I would not bank with BOA based on this offending and unwelcoming customer service experience.

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  6. I am a Bank of America customer and travelling abroad. I wanted to send email to customer service. Despite wasting a lot of time, I couldn’t find it. Could you please give me an email address where I could submit my problem.

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  7. I have spent the last hour trying to reach a BofA customer service rep by phone for the last hour but was unable to resolve my erroneous billing problem. I was sent a safety deposit box bill after 10 years of having my name removed after my divorce in 2007. I was assured there would be no problem. After 10 years I received a bill in the mail for immediate payment With A 10 dollar late fee. As I searched for customer service number I came across a number who wanted to charge nearly $2 for $100 free certificate to stores – wall mart. Doesn’t pass the smell test! B of A you have no customer service! with a live person by phone! Marble remains unsolved! WOULD LIKE TO HAVE NUMBER FOR SOMEONE IN Charge. Thank you.

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