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Amazon Headquarters and Corporate Office.

See Amazon’s corporate office address, headquarters address, phone numbers and executive team, here.

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Amazon Headquarters. is the largest online retailer in the world, and they have dedicated websites in many different countries, including in the United States, Spain, Germany, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, India and Italy. Every country has their own complaint and customer service department, but if you want to contact the actual Amazon company headquarters, then you need to contact the corporate office in Seattle, Washington State.

Amazon Headquarters Address.

The Amazon Headquarters Complex houses 15,000 employees and is located at this address:


Amazon Headquarters

410 Terry Ave. N Seattle, WA 98109, USA

If you want to sent a letter to the Amazon corporate office, then this is the address, that you need to send it to.

Amazon Headquarters Phone Number.

Call 1-206-266-1000 for the Amazon corporate office.

Amazon Corporate Office Email Address.

There is no dedicated corporate office email address, that we know of, but when you log in to your Amazon account, you can contact the Amazon customer service by clicking on the Help link at the top of the page, followed by a click on ‘Contact Customer Service’ and ‘Contact Us’. The form will ask you some questioens about your issue, and then the ‘Send an Email’ icon will be available.

Amazon Corporate Website.

The closest you will get to an corporate website is the Investors Relation page here. This page lists corporate news, FAQs and bios of the corporate directors. It also details how to become an Amazon vendor or affiliate.

If you are interested in applying for a job at Amazon then we suggest that you visit the Amazon Jobs page.

Amazon Headquarters
The Amazon Headquarter in Seattle, complete with the new Bio Dome (under construction). Amazon is the largest employer in Seattle.

How to complain to Amazon?

If you have a complaint about Amazon, then the most efficient way to lodge the complaint is to use the Amazon Email Form.

Amazon also publishes a Complaint Forum, where users can have issues solved by other users. You can also search for previous answers.

Lastly, you can contact the Amazon Customer Service on these numbers: 1-888-280-3321 for the automated customer service system or at 1-206-266-2992 for International customers.


Amazon Headquarters Executive Team and Corporate Directors.

The executive team at Amazon Headquarters include:


Jeffrey Bezos – Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Jeffrey Blackburn – Senior Vice President

Sebastian Gunningham – Senior Vice President

Andrew Jassey – Senior Vice President

Steven Kessel – Senior Vice President

Diego Piacentini – Senior Vice President

Shelley Reynolds – Vice President

Thomas Szkutak – Senior Vice President

Jeffrey Wilke – Senior Vice President

David Zapolsky – Vice President


Amazon Board of Directors.

Jeffrey Bezos

Tom Aberg

John Seely Brown

William Gordon

Jamie Gorelick

Alain Monie

Jonathan Rubinstein

Thomas Ryder

Patricia Stonesifer


Amazon Brand Names and Trademarks.

Amazon owns a variety of brand names, including:
Brilliance Audio
Amazon Prime
Score deals
Amazon Business
Amazon Web Services
Book Depository
East Dane
Kindle Direct Publishing
Warehouse Deals

Amazon Contact Resources.

Amazon Headquarters and Investors Relations.

Amazon Homepage.

Amazon ‘Contact Us’ Customer Service.

Amazon on Twitter.

Amazon of Facebook.

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Amazon Headquarters
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13 Comments on Amazon Headquarters

  1. Amazon is a false acting company!! I have 2 emails saying I am supposed to be refunded for 106.67 for canceling my prime membership….I’m the try day i call and they say they never took the money out of my account! They are liars!

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  2. I have purchased a product from Amazon on 4th January by paying online payment but the productwas not delivered at my home .

    The product is Mamy Poko Pants amount Rs. 550.00.

    Received lots of SMS from the AMAZON that material arriving early , will be delivered early and then I received the confirmation that material delivered on 8th January . I had contacted customer care on 9th sharing the issue , he logged a complain on this and told me that I will get the update on the same on next day 8.30am . But no update received , then I contacted Mr. NAGESH customer care on 10th evening shared the same information but he had no idea on the complaint logged and confirmed me that the ordered material not in stock due to that material not delivered .

    Then I had requested to share AMAZON escalation matrix but he refused the same and I requested him to connect with his senior .

    The Senior customer care officer did not share his name and told me that someone received the material on the receipt . Requested him to share that proof of delivery, he told me that is not possible as the signature not recognized and anything written over there. I have to take arefund as no other option is there .

    I had requested that person to deliver the same material which I ordered as early as possible , as per his confirmation it is not possible from their end.

    This is very frustrating to see the amazon response, when you are telling people 100 % customer protection and then you are sending 3 different messages to a customer

    Thanks & Regards,

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  3. Dear Concern,

    I am writing this mail to inform on the standard of service that the customers are getting from Amazon.Let me start with saying service is really awful and worst.Please find the product that i had ordered it was just worth 400 but mental harrsment that my father went thru today was really worst.Know today the courier guy or Amazon office some buger calls my father and tell there is aparcel and if you want come and collect .He was so rude and outspoken that my fathers Bp shooted up.To the amusement i had sent this gift for fathers birthday.And he just argued with my father for 10mints.He had the same attitude when i also called.

    The Number of the courier guy was 9072964135 he was so reluctant that he was not giving his name.

    I need a solution for the same i dont want the parcel anymore and will ask you keep the 400Rs also i am not interested to get a refund.within 24hrs i dont get a proper reply from your side i will be take the route of the CONSUMER COURT.


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  4. I cannot believe this. I am writing about an organization that is coupled with the trumputin bunch.

    I have been hacked by a customer service in the philippines that I had been outsourced to, by your telephone customer service number and since that went so bad, i am being hacked and someone is changing my passwords to various accounts that have been found after your records were searched and more info opened other doors. i have tried to get help from you to no avail

    I hope all that happens as a result of Amazon being a trumputin enterprise are what you have earned. best of luck to you and the other lemmings of trumputins.

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  5. i get no answer to my E-mails if they are going to hire me at all. maybe because i am sixty six year man. i did everything they ask me to do. i passed background, the drug test. i send them a resume so they can see i have experience on supervisor and food service. i hope to hear from you soon

    Thank you

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  6. Amazon has let me down after many years of being a prime member and even having their credit card. As soon as my membership is expires I will closing every account I have with amazon and closing my amazon credit card too. Amazon has become just like ebay now. Not caring about customers and letting private sellers to steal from customers. Incredibly bad customer service and supervisors. I will most definitely spread my word around as much as I can for the rest of my life. This company is falling apart now.

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  7. I was a very happy Amazon Fulfillment associate until I was fired today by telephone.Why you may ask, because I couldn’t get to work because of a car breakdown.I was short 7 hours of personal, so I was terminated. I was a model associate, cross trained in many different areas.None of this mattered.I was not even given notice.Here is the craziest part.I was told I could be rehired after 90 days.What a company, they claim to care about associates, obviously not.Beware before you apply for a job.

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  8. Not related to my most recent communication on Dec 7 with LaQuisha L; is the unfortunate reality that I am very disappointed with paying for Prime “service”. Orders are incorrect, nor received as Prime status is to afford customers, items to be returned are not picked up the carrier, items come from overseas can take up to two months, and sizing is often not calibrated to US standard sizing. Asian sizes are very small, cutting the item larger is not the same as creating patterns that are designed for the typical US person/child. Items from overseas often come in plastic bags that damage the item or worse do not arrive as they are held in customs and returned to the seller I am told.

    I am disabled and unable to shop or drive as I’d like, resulting using mail order. Oddly ordering from the vast majority of other vendors do not create such issues except on the very rare occasion. Truthfully, AMAZON has made noble and great strides to correct each situation, but generally at the cost of the company and the cost of the item arriving not at all, later than the scheduled time, in poor condition or badly sized. Leaving me very, VERY little trust in the AMAZON brand for purchasing Prime member. As a person who is disabled and unable to drive to shop, I am forced to shop mail order. Leave no question that AMAZON is not my preferred list of vendors.

    Do understand that with very few exceptions I have been treated respectfully, given professional and reasonable exchange from your customer service representatives, for the poor original service,. They appear to be trained to crisis manage and settle documented disputes. The customer service personnel are not the issue. The issue is that they have to get involved at all. The issues need to be resolved as you will lose more customers, as your company loses the trust of individuals. AMAZON is large and should be able to manage these issues. A very reluctant and disappointed customer, although I do keep trying to believe the next time will be better, my believe is dwindling to a precariously thin thread of hope.

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    • That makes two of us 45 minutes with customer service , I called corporate and they were nastier than the customer service illiterate overseas people.

      Mr Bezos, I am a CEO with a masters in economics and business and you should fire every last person on you “leadership” team they were rude and nasty.

      I will take my business and money elsewhere! You might want to think about how you treat customers
      I will also file a complaint with the BBB

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  9. When you call the Amazon corporate number, nobody answers the phone. I’ve been dealing with Amazon for return items for the past 5 days. They’re outsourcing and these people, that they outsource to are in China don’t reply to a refund, so how in are we supposed to get anything done, when corporate doesn’t answer the phone.

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