ADP Portal Login

ADP Portal Login and FAQ.

Everything you need to know about the ADP Employee Self Service Portal.

Get login help and Employee and Administrator support, see ADP Portal contact phone numbers, learn about the ADP Mobile Solutions App and view frequently asked questions.

The complete guide for the ADP Self Service Portal.

ADP Portal Features.

The company that you work for must be using an ADP product in order for employees to be able to log in to the system.

The ADP Portal enables employees to:

  • View paystubs statements and W-2 information.
  • Change W-4 tax information.
  • Enroll in or change benefits information.
  • Update Contact Information.
  • Update Personal Information, like moving, getting marriage and more.
  • Manage your 401(K) account.
  • Use the retirement planner or payroll calculator tools.

ADP Portal Employee Self Service Registration.


In order to use the ADP Portal, your company must using a ADP product.

You will be given a self-service registration code from your payroll administrator at your company, or in an email from ADP Services ( Typically, companies refer to the registration code as a “company pass code” or “personal ID code (PIC).”

If you do not have a registration code, then please contact your organization’s administrator.

The registration code will enable you to register.

These are the steps, that you need to take to register at the ADP Self Service Portal.

  • Please visit the ADP Portal Self Service Registration page.
  • Enter your registration code.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Get your User ID and password.
  • Select your security questions. E
  • Enter your contact information
  • Enter your ADP Portal activation code.
  • Review that your information is correct and complete the registration process.

ADP Portal Administrator Registration.

These steps will allow administrators to register on the ADP Portal.

Visit the ADP Portal Registration page, here.

  • Enter your registration code.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Get your User ID and password.
  • Select your security questions.
  • Enter your contact information
  • Enter your activation code.
  • Review your information and complete the registration process.

If you have a specific problem, then you can either:

Visit the Administrator Support Page, to review the frequently asked questions. On the same page, Small Business Clients can find all local support center phone numbers.

Or, visit the ADP Administrator Community page. on the ADP Bridge Community page, clients and administrators can ask questions and receive answers from other users.

You can also call the ADP product Login and Support Help Center at 1-844-227-5237.

ADP Portal Login.

ADP Portal Employees Login.

The correct ADP Portal Login page for both Employees is located here.

ADP Portal Administrators Login.

The correct ADP Portal Login page for Administrators is located here.

ADP iPay Login.

Please note, that the ADP iPayStatements website has a separate login page. See our page in the ADP iPay website for more information about iPay.

I have problems logging in to the ADP Self Service Portal.

After 3 unsuccessful attempts to the ADP Portal, your account will be locked. You must contact your company administrator to reissue access.

If you have problems logging in to the ADP Portal, then please be aware of the following:

First, check the spelling and spacing of your ADP Portal password. (Passwords are case sensitive, so make sure that the CAPS LOCK button on your keyboard is OFF).

Try to close all active Internet browsers and try to log in again.

Clear your Internet browser history/cache and try again. You will now be required to enter an activation code, which will be sent to your email address, and you must answer your security questions.

The accepted browser are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. If you are using another browser, then close it and try logging in from one of the above browsers.

If you are using a Popup Blocker then please turn it Off and try again.

Lastly, ADP offers a variety of products and websites, including:

  • ADP WorkForceNow
  • ADP Run Payroll
  • ADP iPayStatements
  • ADP Vantage
  • ADP FlexDirect
  • ADP MyKPlan
  • ADP ezLaborManager
  • ADP Mobile Solitions
  • ADP Smartcompliance
  • ADP Aline Card

and many others.

The products have different login pages. If you are not sure which product that your employer uses, then please talk to your HR department.

Thankfully, ADP has a compiled a list of all availabel login pages here.

I have forgotten my ADP Portal Password.

Visit the Forgot my Password page and enter your User ID. Answer the security questions to change your password. Use your user ID and your new password to log in to the the ADP Self Service Portal.

I have forgotten my ADP Portal User ID.

Visit the Forgot my User ID page and enter your First Name and Last Name, and enter either your email address or mobile phone number. Follow the instructions to answer the security questions. Your ADP Portal User ID will then be displayed and you can log in to the Self Service website.

I have been locked out of the ADP Portal.

If you exceed 3 login attempts, then you must contact your company administrator to get help.

ADP Portal Customer Support.

If you require more help, you can send a help request on the ADP Support Page.

The support is available for employees, former employees and for ADP clients.

To speak to person in support, contact your service center.

Call the ADP product Login and Support Help Center on 1-844-227-523, if you don’t know the direct phone number for your service center.

Other helpful contact numbers:

401(k) and Retirement: 1-800-695-7526

Background Check: 1-800-367-5933.

COBRA: 1-800-526-2720

Flexible Spending Account (FSA): 1-800-654-6695

Paycards (Aline Card by ADP®/TotalPay): 1-877-237-4321

Wage Garnishment: 1-866-324-5191

Workers’ Compensation: 1-800-524-7024

ADP Sales and Corporate Phone Numbers:

ADP Sales: 1-800-225-5237

Administrative Service Organization (ASO):1-866-360-2454

Insurance Services 1-855-237-2667

Health Care Reform Management 1-855-237-2650

Professional Employer Organization (PEO): 1-800-447-3237

Retirement Services: 1-855-237-4671

Tax and Compliance: 1-855-237-9721

Contact your company’s Payroll or HR department time and attendance questions and personal issues. An ADP representative will not know which product your company is using.

ADP Mobile Solutions.

ADP now offers an app that you can download and access the portal from.

The app is available for employees and managers of companies that use these ADP products: Workforce Now, Vantage, Portal Self Service, Run, TotalSource, ALINE Card by ADP and iPayStatements,

The app is available for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

ADP Portal Resources.

ADP Portal

ADP Employee Support Page

ADP Portal Administrator Login.

ADP Client Administrator Support Page

ADP iPayStatements Login

RUN Powered By ADP Login



ADP iPay Help

Please share your experiences with, or complaints about, the ADP Self Service Portal, in the comment section.

ADP Portal Login
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  1. I use ADPezlabor and some of my coworkers have the app. I have an android phone and can’t seem to find it in Google play. I really would like the app.

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    • We are not aware of any app developed particularly for ADP ezLabor Manager, only the ADP Mobile Solutions app. Please email or call the ADP ezLaborManager Support at 1-866-296-6457 to find out more. Please let us know here, if you find an ezLaborManager app.

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